Connecting in the Digital Age

[Webinar Wrap Up] Connecting in the Digital Age

In case you missed it (or if you want to see it again!), here are the slides and video from our recent webinar— Connecting in the Digital Age. In this webinar, Corey Saban of THELAW.TV explains the importance of connecting with possible clients online and how using videos for marketing can help you reach more prospects […]

LinkedIn Lawyers

How Lawyers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

There are many ways to generate new business-development conversations with the right decision makers; networking, client referrals, strategic introductions as well as casting wider nets inside of existing clients. LinkedIn, although considered a social selling site is really a business research and engagement platform. It is also a tool that clients and prospective clients use […]

Developing The Right Keyword Strategy For Your Law Firm Website

When it comes to your website, focusing on the right keywords can mean the difference between success and failure. Keywords are the phrases (search terms) that consumers type into search engines, like Google and Bing, when they’re looking online for your services. If you’re not sure what your overall keyword focus is for your current website, […]

Twitter professional relationships

Twitter is Better than LinkedIn for Building Professional Relationships

LinkedIn bills itself as the largest professional network, but Twitter, whose tagline is simply, “what’s happening,” easily wins for creating and nurturing relationships. Here are three primary reasons why. 1. The easiest introduction ever – When you come across a piece of writing or video or presentation that resonates, you send the link out on […]

How to Hook Legal Clients Who Rarely Need You

How to Hook Legal Clients Before They Need You

During a presentation about the difficulty of real estate agents hooking home buyers who will only need their services once or twice in a lifetime, an agent in the audience saw it as an opportunity: “I know home buying and selling can’t be a habit. That’s fine. But what if I make a habit of […]

Use Twitter to build legal skills and knowledge

Using Twitter to Build Legal Skills and Knowledge

Twitter is a great platform for meeting and nurturing relationships with fellow professionals, sharing your thoughts and useful links, and catching up on the latest news and trends. It’s also a terrific tool to learn by monitoring targeted practice area topics and following industry and legal experts and thought leaders. The Harvard Business Review recently […]

law firm marketing - brand building

Law Firm Marketing: Build Your Brand With Content, Social Media and SEO

Increasing online brand awareness is not easy. It takes consistent, relevant, useful content, effective use of social media and the adoption of SEO best practices to really drive it. While most law firms consider each of these different elements separately, successful firms know that driving their brand takes an integrated approach that combines them all […]