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Free Images for Your Blog, Website and Presentations

Need to write a blog post or article, fashion marketing copy for your website and promotional materials or create a presentation? You’ll need images. If it’s a one-off effort, then by all means, purchase one from the myriad fee-based stock photography sites. But if you’re putting out content daily, the cost can add up quickly. […]

Law Firm Twitter: Lessons from the NBA

Law Firm Twitter: Lessons from the NBA

In his Bloomberg Law article, Most Profitable U.S. Law Firms Don’t Give a Tweet, Casey Sullivan highlighted some of the top law firms anemic presence on the popular social media platform. Moses Ehlers, Digital Marketing Strategist at Robins Kaplan LLP, countered with how his “mid-sized law firm” of 220 attorneys and 325 staff members uses […]

Law Firm Advertising: Remarketing Campaigns

Law Firm Advertising: Remarketing Campaigns

If you’re like many attorneys, you have an attractive website that portrays your firm in a professional manner and outlines all of your areas of expertise. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance your competition has the same and the vast majority of your prospective law firm clients will actually visit 3 to 5 of those sites, […]

Law firm online marketing checklists

Online Marketing Checklists for Law Firms

Two things to keep in mind when crafting your firm’s online marketing efforts: 1) get the optimization basics down and don’t get overwhelmed with bottomless lists of tips and technical jargon, and 2) memorialize repeatable processes so you don’t miss a step. In other words, create your own set of checklists as you fine tune […]

Rocket Academy: Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

5 Helpful Videos on Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

Covering law practice management, law firm marketing, and productivity taught by industry leaders, Rocket Academy has grown to over 50 videos. Occasionally we highlight a few videos around one topic. Here are five popular videos on law firm marketing and business development. RELATED: 7 Videos on How to Better Manage Your Law Practice The Relationship […]

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5 Ways to Build an Effective Email Marketing List For Your Firm

Email marketing may not be the shiniest tool, but it’s still one of the best ways to market your product or service, share news and other useful information, and nurture relationships. And often, email newsletters send more visitors to the firm’s website, and result in more content downloads and event signups than other non-paid efforts, […]

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Editorial Calendar Options For Law Firm Blogs

Ever sit down to write a blog post and end up spending more time coming up with a relevant, useful topic to write about than actually writing the post? Having a library of blog post ideas helps. See: How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity With Evernote. Unpacking that library of ideas into an editorial calendar […]

Free Image Editing Tools For Your Law Firm Blog Posts

Images draw people in. They tell a story. They add to the aesthetic of your blog and blog posts. And, they automatically attach to social media updates, catching the readers’ eye as they scroll through their feeds. However, blogging takes up enough time without going on a hunting expedition for that perfect image for every […]