Great Advice From Lawyers Who "Get It"

One of the many cool things about working in our space is that I get the opportunity to regularly read opinions on the legal profession written by the innovators who are actively involved, on a day-to-day basis, in trying to improve it. Frequently these folks offer spot-on practical advice.  Simple, understandable, incredibly valuable and yet […]

Firm Challenges Non-Lawyer Ownership In Law Firms

In Jacoby & Meyer’s complaint filed on May 18, 2011 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the Firm alleges that the “out-dated” Rules of Professional Conduct “severely restrict” their ability to “raise the capital necessary to pay for improvements in technology and infrastructure.” Just like any other business that wants to scale while maintaining a high level of service, they need some funding.

Should You QR? – The Debate about QR Codes for Law Firms

Is having a QR code on an ad simply to pander to the clients and checkbox the “mobile marketing” portion of your integrated advertising campaign? asks Mitch Joel: “In theory, QR codes sound awesome.  Your consumer sees an advertisement that engages them, they whip out their mobile device, snap a picture of the QR code […]

4 Resources to Create Amazing Attorney Websites

Let’s assume, for a second, that your law firm has a website (your law firm has a website, right?) The question then become, is your website earning its keep? That’s a tough question. At the very least, your website should tell the world what you do, hopefully start persuading your audience to take a closer […]

How To Use Facebook For Law Firms Part Three: Linking Directly To Your Firm's (or Company's) Page

Facebook gives you the option to add “Education and Work” information to your profile. If you choose to provide that information, and you’re working with a Firm or Company that also has a Facebook page, you might like to link directly from your page to your company’s page. If you’ve tried to do that, there’s […]

Breaking Up – A Client's Perspective

Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right, here I am Stuck in the middle with you ANY CHARACTER HERE Thankfully law firm departures don’t resemble the action in Reservoir Dogs, the ridiculously violent (and terrific) movie from which that lyric was borrowed, but they’re not always smooth either.  Especially when lawyers leave […]

The Philosophy Behind Our Inflatable ABA Techshow Chair

Our booth at ABA Techshow was a hit. We heard third-hand from someone who looks important that they overheard someone say: Rocket Matter has the coolest booth I’ve seen in the history of ABA Techshow. We bought a cool new table, which added a touch of class, and our hot new inflatable chair we bought […]

ABA Report: Perspectives On Finding Personal Legal Services

Recently the ABA released “Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services”, the results of an opinion poll concerning, among other things, how people find lawyers. The report has inspired comments from several respected voices in the space. Some of the most controversial conclusions concern the impact – or alleged lack thereof – of social media on an individual’s decision to hire a lawyer.