The Devolution of the Affiliate Program

I’m a DirectTV customer, and have been for some time. Generally, I’ve had a good experience with the service itself and when I’ve had to call for support I found their support team to be friendly, helpful, and genuinely concerned about solving my issue. (Football fans can appreciate the terrifying panic that sets in at […]

How to Remove SEOQuake from Your Chrome Browser

I installed SEOQuake to help with statistics. I’ve found it to only be a distraction, and for the longest time couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it from Chrome, which I prefer to use. Today I figured out how to remove SEOQuake from Chrome and in my glee I feel the need to […]

Legal Bloggers: Getting Your Content Scraped? Fight Back!

Content scraping is an obvious copyright violation, but, if one writes well and often enough, as the introductory quote from blogger Eileen Smith’s post about dealing with the fallout of being ‘scraped’ indicates, it becomes a fact of life online. So, what’s a legal content producer to do?

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for Lawyers : Nagging Questions

Yesterday at the MILOFest conference someone confessed they were on the sidelines of the social media ballgame and was wondering what Twitter was used for and how much time to spend on it. In response, here are some stills from a recent presentation I gave on social media for law firms. Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn […]

Smiling, Happiness, and How to Make a Good First Impression

As the end of year and holiday season quickly approaches, many folks begin to focus on wrapping business up on a positive note, achieving goals, and positioning oneself for the year to come. I like to use November and December to review some of the classic personal improvement books I’ve collected over the years. My […]

Free Webinar: How to Design Your Own Blog and Website with Headway

We’re very excited to have the Co-Founder of Headway Themes this Friday to demonstrate how to design your own blog and website with Headway! Click here to register Host: Grant Griffiths, Co-Founder of Headway Themes When: Friday, November 5th at 12PM EST CLE: NONE Description: Want a blog and website you can update and modify without having to […]

Your Twitter Follower Stats – What They Mean

To anyone on Twitter, raise your hand if you don’t pay attention to your number of followers. No matter how not vain you claim to be, your follower number is something that tugs oh-so-gently at your consciousness. To those using Twitter for a while, it becomes obvious that you can quickly increase your followers in […]

5 Amazing Sales and Business Books for Attorneys

Over the past few years of building Rocket Matter, we’ve relied heavily on the sage wisdom of a handful of business and sales books which have really made a difference for us. Here are five business books which lawyers can use in their practice.