App of the Week: Blogsy – Blogging on the iPad

Are you a regular blogger and love the WordPress platform like we do? Or maybe you use Blogger, TypePad, Joomla, or Tumblr. Thing is, regardless of the platform, you want to blog on the device that’s handy; the one that you have just about everywhere you go – your iPad. Many of the blogging platforms […]

App of the Week: MyPermissions – Find (and Revoke) Apps With Access to Your Personal Information

Remember the last time you granted permission to a third party app? An app that has access to your personal information? Like giving Twitter access to an analytics tool, or Facebook, to a game or birthday calendar? Me either. Thing is, your privacy is potentially compromised every time you click “yes.” Of course, some apps […]

App of the Week: Able2Doc: Convert PDF to Word With Only 2 Taps

Now that legal offices have made the transition to a paperless office, lawyers are taking it a step further and moving their paperless workflows to mobile devices. And with good reason! There’s virtually an app for any document task you can think of. Dealing with legal PDF documents? Researching case studies in PDF format? You’re […]