Mind Mapping

App of the Week: MindNode – Post-It Notes on Steroids

I’m more of a list-taking, Evernote user, but the more visually inclined swear by mind maps. MindMeister – which I’ve used – is the granddaddy of mind maps. It’s great, but if you need to create more than three mind maps, you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly plan. Or, for a one-time fee of […]

App of the Week: SpeakWrite – Transcribe Audio or Video Into Quick Blog Posts or Documents

SpeakWrite is a mobile app (audio only) and web-based (audio and video) service that quickly transcribes audio and video files into text for blog posts, meeting notes, legal documents, and a whole lot more. Actual human typists set SpeakWrite apart from the many automated transcription services out there. It’s done in four easy steps: Create […]

App of the Week: Springpad – Your New Personal Assistant

Here at Legal Productivity, we sure do love Evernote and Pinterest. But what if we could combine our two loves? We can. Springpad combines the note-taking and organizing abilities of Evernote with the ability to easily “pin” and save webpages, photos, articles, recipes, etc. Springpad is your new “personal assistant.” It can organize your life and increase your […]