Will WATSON Start Putting Lawyers in "Jeopardy"?

Watching Watson compete on Jeopardy this week was amazing, notwithstanding the odd Final Jeopardy foul-up on Tuesday night. (Watson oddly answered “What is Toronto????” to a Final Jeopardy question that was titled “U.S. Cities.”) A logical explanation for the cause of the mistake was given, though my inner paranoia prefers to fantasize a more Hal-ish rationale. […]

Hug A Defense Lawyer Today

OK, I’m donning my flame-retardant gear.  Here it goes.  Bring it on. 🙂 Whenever I spot someone walking around with that popular, Shakespeare-inspired T-shirt: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” King Henry VI, Act IV, Scene II I stop and try to ask them to explain what it means to them. […]

Our Litigious Society and Dog Park Mayhem

Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny South Florida day. One of those “Chamber of Commerce” specials. Awesome day for my dog and I to head to the dog park. We headed through the first set of gates, waved hello to a few familiar snouts, and entered the “small dog” area.  Upon opening the gate and […]

The Naughty Confessions of an Unpicked Juror

Today, yet again, I showed up for jury duty like the responsible citizen that I am, only to be spurned yet again, like an unpopular, ugly kid at a high-school dance. Getting summoned to juror pools is something of a second profession for me. I don’t know what it is about my luck, or the […]

Are Law Schools Committing Fraud?

This summer at the Florida Bar annual convention, I struck up an amiable conversation with a gentleman at a vendor orientation breakfast.  He was a nice fellow from a new Florida law school, and since we got along so nicely, I made a note to myself to mention him to the attorneys I cam across. […]