going paperless

What to Do When Your Staff Prevents You From Going Paperless

  Yesterday, while presenting our annual paperless webinar with our friends at NetDocuments, I polled the audience with the following question: “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to going paperless?” 31% chose the response: “Staff resistant to change.” Going paperless is perhaps the most critical thing you can do to reduce operational waste […]

Lean Reports

Wednesday Wisdom- Lean Reports

Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence tool now comes with two specialized reports just for you! The “Average Matter Value Report” and the “Throughput Rate Report” deliver actionable data for your firm. Access these reports to find out what your average matter value and throughput rate are for your firm. Rocket Matter: Consistently delivering results!

business intelligence additions

Wednesday Wisdom- Business Intelligence Additions

Our Business Intelligence tool was recently updated to include custom fields and tags! Now you can apply custom field and tag data sets to your reports for the ultimate customization. We have also added a search bar to easily locate desired data sets. Build the reports you want to see with Rocket Matter! </ifr

closing your matters

Wednesday Wisdom- Closing Your Matters

Closing your matters is an important part of the administrative process. In order to properly track cases, easily find cases, and determine accurate cycle times, be sure to close your matters when you are done working on a case. Simply, click on ‘Edit Matter’ and ‘Enable Delete’.

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 94: The Cost of Indecision

When it comes to implementing a legal practice management solution in your firm, every day of indecision is costing your firm money. Learn more in this week’s 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, where host Larry Port interviews Rocket Matter CRO Jeff White about the cost of indecision. If you’re still on the fence about making […]

active matter tasks

Wednesday Wisdom: Active Matter Tasks Report

Need to know what matters have outstanding tasks? Run an Active Matter Task Report for details on all of your firm’s pending to-do’s. All unassigned tasks will be listed on the bottom of the report. Easily export your report and sort according to your needs. Learn more in this week’s Wednesday Wisdom!

special edition 10 minute law firm podcast

Ep 86: Hurricane Dorian and Disaster Preparedness

On this special edition of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port talks with Kim Beyrent, Rocket Matter’s Director of Customer Support. Listen as Larry and Kim talk about Hurricane Dorian (the storm that is currently threatening the entire state of Florida) and how they have prepared their company to run both during and […]

business intelligence

Wednesday Wisdom- Business Intelligence Tool

Create your own custom reports with our new Business Intelligence tool. You can select from different categories of data and extract the exact data sets you desire. Simply drag, drop, and run your custom reports with ease. Title and save your report for future use! Not seeing the Business Intelligence tool in your account? Contact […]

6 Tips for Lawyers Working Remotely From Home

6 Tips for Lawyers Working Remotely From Home (Infographic)

For lawyers, working remotely from home has a lot of benefits: Flexibility, increased productivity, no commute, and getting to hang out with your pets! But before you relish in the comfort of your humble abode, keep these 6 tips in mind to ensure you are as productive and efficient as possible:

value vs waste

Lean Core Concept: Value vs Waste

  If you can get the following set of relationships down pat, you’ll have a firm handle on Lean and systems thinking: We can boost revenue by increasing our throughput rate. We can increase our throughput rate by reducing cycle time. And we can reduce cycle time by eliminating waste. Waste is a fundamental concept […]