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50+ Apps and Services to Manage and Grow Your Law Practice

An overused word in the lexicon of innovative legal technology and the changing profession is “disruption.” Isn’t disruption just optimization by another name? That’s what Paul Ford proposed in his remarkable 38,000-word opus, “What is Code?” that spanned a double issue of Bloomberg’s Business Week. With that thought in mind, here’s a list culled from […]

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Tools Law Firms Use In a Paperless Office

We published a Paperless Law Office E-Book which includes Paperless Law Office: Essential Systems (and Tools). But during related “paperless office” presentations over the past year, the same question kept popping up: Can you recommend brands of the tools that law firms use? In other words, what’s the best scanner or shredder to get? I’ve […]

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Quick Tips to Organize Your Day and Focus

The 4-Hour Work Week is more than a monster bestseller. It’s become a religion for some. #DoLessLaw is a thing. “Work smarter, not harder” is a meme. Mindfulness at work has become a movement. What do they all have in comment? None is achieved without becoming more organized and focused at work. Here are a […]

Get Your Law Firm Fit and Focused This Year! (Infographic)

New year, new quarter, new month – anytime’s a good time to get your firm in shape. But the beginning of the year is especially meaningful as firms get into the traditional mindset of reflection and resolution. Here’s a nine-step workout to help with your vision and strategic planning to get your law firm in […]

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Top 10 Law Practice Management Goals

The end of the month, quarter, or year, is a good time to evaluate your goals and plan for the next period. Here are goals for solos, small, and mid-size firms, all of which can be managed more effectively with a cloud-based practice management system. RELATED: Lawyers, Use Improv to Reach Your Goals Bill more […]

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[Webinar Wrap-Up] The Paperless Law Office: Essential Systems, Workflows & Protocols

Here’s the slide deck from the latest episode in our Legal Productivity webinar series: The Paperless Law Office: Essential Systems, Workflows & Protocols with Andrew S. Kucera and Tim Baran. Agenda: 3 main reasons for going paperless Essential systems & tools Workflows + Protocols + Compliance – from a lawyer who took his firm paperless […]

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Top Legal Productivity Videos of 2015

We hit the 50-video milestone on Rocket Academy this year where industry leaders share practice management, marketing, technology, productivity, and wellness tips and strategies to help firms grow and better serve clients. Here are the top videos that were added in 2015. 1. Using Kanban to Become a More Agile Attorney – Improve workflows: The […]

webinar - law practice management design and workflows

[Webinar] The Paperless Law Office: Essential Systems, Workflows & Protocols

Converting your firm to a paperless operation can seem like an overwhelming challenge, but it’s not as complicated as you think. You can start now! In this session you will learn about the essential systems, tools, protocols, and workflows to start and maintain a paperless office, and how to optimize your use of practice management […]

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Top 10 Legal Productivity Posts of 2015

Lawyers using Twitter and Dropbox, getting to a paperless law office, and building law firm websites were among the most widely read posts of 2015 here on the Legal Productivity blog. A special thanks to you, our community of faithful readers, and to our awesome staff and guest writers. Without further ado, here are the […]