Law firm analytics - matter budgets

Law Firm Analytics Reports: Matter Budgets

Rocket Matter recently released an Advanced Analytics module with five reports to help law firms increase transparency, productivity, and profitability. We’ll explore how you can leverage each of these reports in your practice. Here’s a discussion of Matter Budgets Reports. INSIGHT: I want to assign how much billable time I will spend on a particular […]

Rocket Academy: Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

3 New Law Firm Videos on Marketing, Wellness and Leadership and Team Building

Rocket Academy provides online educational videos for lawyers, taught by industry leaders who discuss law practice management, marketing, productivity, and technology tools, tips, and strategies, to help law firms become more efficient, adapt, and grow. Here are three new videos that were added to the collection. The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media Gain a […]

Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion (Conference Notes)

Bloomberg BNA hosted a Big Law Business Diversity & Inclusion Conference in New York City on October 29, 2015. As is refreshingly typical with conferences that Bloomberg BNA hosts, the panels consisted of representatives from law firms and corporate legal departments, allowing us to hear perspectives from both sides: counsel and client. Here’s a summary […]

Not Miserable Continuing Legal Education

The Least Miserable Way to Earn CLE (Continuing Legal Education)

EDITORS NOTE: Outkick CLE bills itself as “The least miserable way to earn CLE.” Anyone who’s attended or viewed endless hours of continuing legal education programs – often to learn, but sometimes, just to fulfill mandatory requirements – will recognize the pithy statement as a standard that’s yearned for. The provider achieves this lofty goal […]

Law firm client service infographic

10 Ways to Make Your Clients Happy (Infographic)

A delightful experience with your firm means happy clients, and happy clients remain loyal and refer you. And, since the vast majority of new business comes from existing clients, exceptional service serves as an effective business development strategy. Keeping your clients happy is not just the right thing to do. It pays! Employ these 10 […]

Lawyer mentor tips

Practical Tips for Lawyers on How to Find a Mentor

For generations most law schools have focused on teaching students to “think like a lawyer” rather than how to actually practice law. Since the Great Recession, many who hoped to learn those skills on the job find themselves starting their own practice. They may long for a mentor to show them the ropes. But just […]

Legal Research Tools

Top Legal Research Browser Extensions, Plugins, and Add-Ons

As a former law firm librarian during the days when cite checking meant ruffling through maroon-colored hardbound books, today’s legal research options seem revolutionary. Lawyers, librarians, and paralegals no longer have to sit at dedicated Westlaw and Lexis terminals. They simply open a browser on their computer or whatever device is handy, and begin typing. […]

law firm client service teams

Law Firm Client Service: Building Your A-Team

Excellent client service should be at the core of what law firms do. It’s what clients, in an increasingly competitive legal services market, have come to expect and demand. It’s how all “business development” conversations should start. Consider your clients as partners. Listen to them. Learn everything about them. Learn from them. This extends to […]