Parsing Non-Standard Data In Excel – A Workaround

This post is a little different from our usual content, but I thought it might be helpful to folks sharing a similar problem when trying to format data in Excel.   Sometimes I find it useful myself to read how people solve tricky little Excel issues, so I offer this up in that spirit. I […]

New Podcast Episode: Lisa Solomon on How Contract Lawyering Can Make Your Firm More Profitable

Nationally-known speaker Lisa Solomon, Esq., explains how solos and small firms can realize several benefits from outsourcing substantive legal work to independent, US-based contract (a/k/a freelance) lawyers.   Contract lawyers aren’t just for big firms anymore. In the full presentation Lisa covers what you need to know when considering this option.  Namely: 1.   Benefits […]

Do You Know Thy 10 Legal Ethics Commandments?

We’re excited to bring you Sean Carter’s Thou Shalt Not Lie, Cheat and Steal:  10 Commandments For Avoiding Ethical Problems As a Lawyer.” Sean, a Harvard Law School Graduate, is a dynamic and fun speaker.  You may have attended one of his sessions as each year, he travels cross-country to present more than 100 CLE […]

Amazing Ethics Violations

Strict adherence to ethical standards is a fundamental piece of the legal profession.   The vast majority of lawyers are extremely conscious of ethical obligations and highly concerned about avoiding even appearances of impropriety or misconduct. However, in any large sample there are always outliers, and the legal profession isn’t exempt.  There always seems to […]