Office Space Primer For Lawyers, Part II: Leasing Traditional Space

In Part I of this series, we raised some cautionary financial considerations about one office space option: leasing traditional office space on your own. However, assuming that you’ve satisfactorily addressed those considerations, here are 3 key factors to consider when you’re ready to lease space on your own:

iPads for Lawyers Recordings and Resources

Those who missed our iPad for Lawyers webinar with Finis Price can enjoy a free 15 minute sample via our podcast (or playable below if you’re viewing this page not through the iTunes store). In addition, we’ve made the entire webinar available on for a nominal fee.

iPad Fever: Apps and Resources for Attorneys

iPad mania has certainly hit the legal vertical. If you missed last week’s webinar by Finis Price of TechnoEsq on iPads for Lawyers, you missed the best information available on the subject on the planet. But fear not, we have some resources for you. In the coming days we’ll put a podcast up with some […]

4 Thoughts On Lawyers and Quora

Though there are a lot of questions with Quora (bad pun intended), it’s something lawyers ought to check out and at least familiarize themselves with, particularly those who have an interest in technology or work with venture capital and entrepreneurial companies.

5 Engagement Vows For A New Client – Part II

Previously we took a look at 5 non-traditional “vows” that a new client can make to her attorney at the start of an engagement – promises that don’t usually appear in a standard engagement letter.   Today, we’ll consider a few non-traditional vows the lawyer can make to her client. Lawyer Vow #1: I promise […]

5 Engagement Vows For A New Client – Part I

One of the very first things that lawyers do when they start working with a new client is put together an engagement letter. It’s critically important to have written engagement terms in place, and also ethically required. Sample engagement letters are easy to find, and they usually satisfy basic ethical requirements, but they’re often short […]