Jury Selection in a Social Media Age

Much has been written on the risk-management side about the potential for sequestration violations by jurors armed with twitter, facebook and the like, as we’ve seen on Law.com and the National Law Review. And, courts have begun to respond with mistrials for tweeting during breaks in trial and contempt charges for post-verdict status updates in […]

Legal Project Management: Fad or Trend?

This week The New York Law Journal featured a great piece, “A Practical Approach to Legal Project Management”, making a compelling argument that LPM is more than a fad, it’s a trend. We completely agree with the authors that downward price pressures on legal services and alternative fees are driving the need for law firms to become more efficient.

Legal Practice Management Tech Rules : Ernie's Plus One

The technology you use should make you happy. Just as people love their iPhone or iPad, look for tech you can connect with. Enough options exist in the marketplace for whatever problem you’re trying to solve that it doesn’t make sense to stick with something you hate.

Online Legal Practice Management in the 21st Century…And Beyond!!!

This Friday I’ll be speaking at an all day seminar for the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL) called The Practice III. The title of the talk: “Online Practice Management in the 21st Century.” Brian Tannebaum, FACDL President, is organizing the conference, and I can tell the conference is going to be great for […]