Key to an Über-Productive + Happy Day? The Night Before and The Morning

Time is precious, and when you engage in your activities, whether work or other, productivity is increased and stress is reduced if you have the capatility of completely immersing yourself in whatever you’re doing. This state of happy productivity was termed “Flow” by a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihaly (pronounced “JONES”). Flow is “a state of […]

Legal Practice Management Advice From The Dusty Corners Of My Closet

Mixed among my old copies of FPS: Football and Diablo, I came across a few notes on advice I was given during my time as a young lawyer. Stuff I used to jot down, specifically with the intention of someday looking back upon it. Now, with more than a few years of work under my belt, it was fun to see how some of these gems held up (or not) over time. Here’s a few to start – 2 not-so-good, 2 really good.