Webinar: Paperless Law Office Primer

[Webinar Wrap-Up] 2017 Paperless Law Office Primer

Here are the slides and video from the 2017 edition of our Paperless Law Office Primer webinar. See further below for additional resources. Paperless law office primer 2017 edition from Rocket Matter, LLC Presenters: Andrew S. Kucera practices real estate/business law, estate planning, and elder law in Fresno, CA. and is an Adjunct Professor of […]

File Naming Protocols

Seven Tips for Creating a Useful File Naming Protocol and Structure

Whether you’re planning on moving to a paperless office or just need a consistent way to store and retrieve your digital files, you’ll need a set of file naming conventions and protocols. Ivy B. Grey, a panelist on our recent Paperless Law Office Primer webinar, referred to the excellent White Paper she authored: Naming Conventions: […]

top legal videos

Top 10 Legal Productivity Videos of 2016

Reviewing the 2016 metrics for videos took a lot longer than I anticipated. This has been a show-me rather than tell-me year on the Legal Productivity blog. We produced more video content this year than the last several years combined and the response has been tremendous. Huge, even. SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME Hey – […]

Legal Productivity

Top 10 Legal Productivity Posts of 2016

In a nod to higher productivity, faster client response, improved mobility and access, cost savings, and increased security, our readers elevated “paperless” posts to the top spots in 2016 on the Legal Productivity blog. A healthy mix of marketing, legal billing, healthy practices, and technology tools rounded out the top 10 posts of the year. […]

paperless law office primer

[Webinar] Paperless Law Office Primer: 2017 Edition

Higher productivity, faster client response, improved mobility and access, savings from reduced storage space and printing costs, increased security of documents and files…The benefits of a paperless office are many. Yet surveys show that the legal profession is one of the most resistant to a paper-free or less-paper environment. Now is a good time to […]

Legal writing editing proofreading

Legal Writing: Five-Step Checklist for Better Editing and Proofreading

The difference between good and bad legal writing is that good legal writing clearly conveys its message. If written work is sloppy, disorganized, or muddled then it fails because readers have limited working memory to consume and digest complex information. The more stumbling blocks in your writing, the less likely readers are to fully understand […]

Rocket Matter ScanSnap Integration

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Paperless Office With Rocket Matter / ScanSnap Integration

Representatives from Rocket Matter and ScanSnap demonstrate the new seamless cloud-based (no wires!) integration to help digitize, organize and manage your law firm and move to a paperless office. One question that keeps popping up is best practices for naming digital files once they are scanned. See: Paperless Law Office: File Structure and File Naming […]

legal practice areas

Legal Practice Areas in Demand After the Election – A Roundup

The election is over and we’ll have a new administration occupying the White House bolstered by majorities in the House and Senate. What does this mean for the legal profession? For one thing, certain practice areas will be in demand. During a solo and small firm event I attended two days after the polls closed, […]