Rocket Matter vs Clio for Movember 2013

Rocket Matter and our insidious doppelgänger Clio have both pioneered legal technology and introduced awesome web-based software for attorneys around the globe. Competition drives innovation, and the world is a better place for it. Now we challenge Clio on another front: the mustache. At MILOFest last week, I challenged Jack and Rian of Clio to […]

mobile law practice

A Time and Billing App for Lawyers Using Android™

We are very proud and excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated and requested Rocket Matter native Android App for lawyers. The Android OS from Google now commands 79% of the smartphone market, according to research firm Gartner. iPhone usage is around 14%, so between our Android app and our legal iPhone app, […]

Rocket Matter iPhone App

Rocket Matter’s Updated iPhone Legal Software

For all of you mobile lawyers, and your ranks are certainly growing, we’ve made our native legal iphone app even better for you. Yesterday marked our second upgrade to our Rocket Matter iPhone legal software, fixing stability issues, and making the app more convenient and usable. It’s available for free download for Rocket Matter subscribers […]

Introducing Rocket Matter’s Beautiful Law Firm Invoice Lineup

Rocket Matter is known for our speedy and elegant user-interface for our iPhone app and web-based legal billing software.  In fact, we’re something of a bellwether and inspiration in law practice management software in that regard. But what about you, the lawyer?  How can you express your sophistication to your clients in your communications with them?  If it’s […]

Legal Software E-Mail Integration via Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter Releases “Spock”: E-mail Integration

It’s here! Rocket Matter is thrilled to announce the release of “Spock,” our new e-mail integration feature for our law practice management software. We listened to your feedback and requests and took our time crafting a super-efficient way of working with e-mails. The result is an easy and effective way of organizing and storing important […]

Important Instructions for Rocket Matter Dropbox Users

Rocket Matter users enjoying Dropbox integration will need to re-authenticate to connect Dropbox to Rocket Matter. Changes in their authentication protocols forced us to use a different mechanism to connect the two accounts. Please note: all of your folder mappings will stay the same and the authentication process takes a couple of seconds. Three simple […]

Review our iPhone App, Win a Snuggie

Have you taken our new iPhone app for a spin? We’re looking for feedback! Every week for ten weeks we will award a Rocket Matter Snuggie® randomly to someone who’s reviewed our app on the iTunes store! Here’s what to do: 1) Launch App Store on your iPhone. 2) Find the app in the app store (search “Rocket […]