[Webinar] Mobile Lawyers: iOS Apps, iCloud, and Security

Mobility is everything these days. Tablets and smartphones and cloud services have completely changed the way we work and elevated us to new levels of productivity. In this complimentary 40-minute presentation, we’ll discuss how to optimize your iOS devices and look at productivity and legal apps to help you in your law practice and day-to-day […]

Mac Law Firm Security

[Webinar] 8 Security Strategies Your Mac-Based Practice Must Implement Today

Are you running any antivirus and anti-malware software on your Macs? What steps have you put into place to secure your firm’s data and protect your clients’ information? If you’re like most Mac-based law firms, chances are you’re doing very little outside of just ‘using a Mac’ as your security strategy. When: Tuesday, October 27, […]

5 Essentials for Starting a Virtual Law Firm (Infographic)

A virtual law firm is a practice that does not have a traditional brick-and-mortar office, and whose employees are usually self-employed consultants. These satellite lawyers deliver services to their clients using technology to communicate. With the uptick in the general population’s understanding of technology and the need to regulate costs for both lawyers and clients, many […]

The Importance of Practice Management Software For Solo Firms

Today it’s more important than ever for solos to learn how to leverage technology to get an edge on their competition and deliver superior client service. Surprisingly, according to the ABA Tech Report 2015, only 30% of solo practitioners reported actually using a practice management software currently. That’s unfortunate, because utilizing the right software can help […]

Get More From Your Law Firm Website With Live Chat

In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, law firms must compete feverishly for a limited number of potential clients shopping the web for services. Today’s consumer also has a limited attention span and wants instant gratification in return for their visit. As such, your firm needs to take notice of every visitor that comes to your site and […]