7 Reasons Why Lawyers Will Love iOS 10

Last week, Apple released their latest phone operating system iOS 10. While it may be easy to dismiss this upgrade as merely just a glorification of the iMessage functionality there are plenty of overlooked features that are sure to help lawyers boost their productivity while using both their iPhones and iPads. Here is a breakdown […]

virtual law firm

5 Essentials For Starting a Virtual Law Firm

The decision to go out on your own and start a solo or small practice isn’t an easy one. There are many costs associated with starting a law firm, and running a business takes a special skill set that wasn’t developed in law school. Lawyers face not only debt and expenses, but a very competitive […]

Webinar: Paperless Law Office Primer

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Tips for Mobile Mac Lawyers

Here is the recording from the latest presentation in our Legal Productivity webinar series: Security and Productivity Tips for Mac Lawyers with Terry Jarrell. Terry also provided, below, a few details on some of the basic security measures, applications, and resources covered in the presentation. The Basics To find out the details about your Mac, […]

MacTrack Legal

MacTrack Legal Conference for Mac Lawyers: Discount Code

Do you use Macs and iPads in your law practice? Are you Mac-curious? Check out a fantastic conference called MacTrack Legal being held on October 6–8 2016 in Disney World. MacTrack Legal is the premiere conference specifically organized for law firms operating on Macs and iPads, and those considering the switch from PCs. MacTrack Legal, […]

Evernote in law practice

10 Ways to Use Evernote in Your Law Practice

A recent Lawyerist post detailed how to import your data from Evernote into other popular applications. The piece was in response to the recent price increase to a not-so-whopping $70 annually for the Premium version. Still a great deal. Or, you can opt for the free edition which lets you synch your data to two […]

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Do You Recommend Lawyers or Online Solutions For Legal Services?

After a vigil for the Orlando victims last night, a bunch of friends gathered for dinner. The conversation turned to major life events such as domestic partnership, marriage, wills, acquisitions, agreements, contracts, etc. Yeah, it got heavy. I was asked for legal services recommendations and although I know some fine lawyers, the suggestions I immediately […]

1password law firm secure passwords

1Password For Teams: Secure Your Work Product and Client Information Firm-Wide

The legal profession has embraced cloud computing – slowly, but surely – over the past decade. With it comes measures to secure your firm’s and clients’ information. See: 10 Actionable Privacy, Security & Encryption Tips. Start by securing accounts with difficult-to-crack, unique passwords. The best way to manage strong, secure passwords, including the ones you […]