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The Hidden Cost of Handling Your Own Law Firm IT

Are you wearing the IT (Information Technology) hat at your firm? If so, consider this an intervention, an attempt to compel you to get help. I define “one who wears the IT hat” as the person who is the primary go-to person for IT issues at their firm. This individual deals with the bulk of […]

iPad App: Picture It Settled – Negotiation App for Lawyers

Settlement negotiations are never fun. The back and forth and countless rounds of negotiations can cause the process to be drawn-out and downright exhausting. To make negotiations a little easier, Don Philbin and a team of attorneys and statisticians created Picture It Settled. According to the apps website, “the intelligent software has learned negotiation strategy […]

iPad App: TrialTouch – All-In-One Trial Presentation App

Do you dream of seamlessly presenting exhibits without fumbling through paper files or accessing multiple apps? Ever wanted an app that collects documents, plays videos and displays medical animations with ease at trial? Well, look no further than TrialTouch. According to the app’s creator, DK Global, TrialTouch aims to “simplify complicated trial software, reduce the […]

Should Law Firms Switch From Dropbox to Box?

Over 65% of lawyers have downloaded dropbox. Here’s how they use the document storing, synching, and sharing app. But, is there a better option? Law firms should also consider Box. I use the big three: Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. And not just because between the three I’ll never have to pay for extra storage […]

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[Webinar] Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Law Firm Data

Data security, privacy protection, and information governance are inextricably linked to the attorney-client relationship. Lawyers must overcome their aversion to technology and understand that protecting data is not just the IT department’s responsibility, but theirs as well, as lawyers are stewards of their own, their clients’, and their firms’ data. When: Wed, May 27, 2015 […]

iPad App: Wolfram Lawyer's Professional Assistant

Lawyers are in need of reliable up-to-date information. And they need it quickly. There are many legal apps that focus on legal research but none are as comprehensive as Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant. The Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant iPad app is a legal terms dictionary that also provides the statutes of limitations of all 50 […]

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Slack: An Effective Communication Platform For Law Firms

We recently switched our internal (and remote) messaging app from Skype to Slack, the email killer that’s exploding in popularity. Slack also replaced GoToMeeting for our daily Stand-Ups with local and remote workers, and many of our other meetings. After begrudgingly giving up Skype, I no longer use it or miss it. Slack is a […]