mobile lawyer

The Mobile Lawyer (Infographic)

Smartphones and tablets and the legal and productivity apps they come with have become a competitive advantage for lawyers and law firms in an increasingly mobile society. Whether they’ve moved to an all-remote firm, need to access a document in court, or bill on the go, there’s a massive advantage to being a mobile lawyer. […]

Legal Productivity Q&A Video Series

Should I Get a Stand-Up Desk or Treadmill Desk?

This is the latest edition in our quick-and-practical Q&A style videos. Questions come from social channels, keyword analysis, and readers of this blog. A transcript accompanies each video. Should I Get a Stand-Up or Treadmill Desk? Should I get a stand-up desk or treadmill desk? My answer is yes, you should absolutely get a standup […]

Rocket Matter Law Firm Management Software Announces Outlook Email Integration

Rocket Matter now offers email integration with Outlook. Rocket Matter’s Outlook integration is the third type of email integration offered by the cloud-based law firm management software, after IMAP synchronization and the ability to upload emails through a drag-and-drop interface. Users can associate a Rocket Matter case and billable time or costs with an Outlook […]