If This Then That (IFTTT): Connecting the Web One Recipe at a Time

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a service software that lets the Internet do your work for you by connecting major sites across the web, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, and more. The way IFTTT works is by taking a trigger (if this) and connecting it to an action (then that) on another site. […]

5 Reasons Why Native Apps are Better Than Web Apps

Yesterday, Legal Productivity’s parent company Rocket Matter announced the launch of their native Android™ Time and Billing App for Lawyers. This comes on the heels of an update for our year-old native iPhone app. One question people have is, why bust your hump building different native apps? It would be a lot easier for us […]

Clever (and Useful) Google Searches

Sure, Google is a superb search engine with great tools and apps like Docs, Spreadsheets, Gmail and much more. But check out also, these clever, productivity-enhancing Google search shortcuts. 1. Get a timer with a simple Google search – buzzer and all: In the Google search box, enter “Set Timer for 10 minutes.” An alarm […]

Too Many Open Tabs In Your Browser? Try These Tips

Ideally, you shouldn’t have more than nine tabs open, but let’s be real. I try to keep them in the single digits for much of the day but when I’m in the middle of a research project (most days), it’s often a losing battle. But, when the browser or my computer starts slowing down, I […]

Free Google Alerts Alternatives

Seems like just the other day everyone was wailing about the demise of Google Reader and offering lists of alternatives. I went with Feedly and love it. Now we’re discovering that another Google product, Alerts, is broken. A recent Forbes article, lays it out: …as has been rumored for months, the very simple tool — […]

Three Low-Cost Ways to Grow Your Law Practice with Marc Garfinkle

If you’re like a lot of firms these days, you’re probably looking for ways to grow your revenue – and on the cheap. If you’ve never heard Marc speak before – it’s a treat! He’s engaging, hilarious, and full of great information. In this hour-long session, you’ll learn useful and time-tested tips from Marc, who […]

Ethical Cloud Computing For Legal Professionals

Just what is this cloud everyone is talking about? From the perspective of the law firm, computing in the cloud eliminates typical IT expenses, management, and headaches. Cloud options are often cost-effective since they forego high up-front costs in favor of predictable monthly fees. Learn about cloud-software applications in a live (well, recorded) demonstration to […]

Webinar Recording: Reinventing Your Law Practice In The Recovery with Ari Kaplan

Last month our webinar listeners were entertained and enlighted with guest Ari Kaplan, Esq., author of the newly released Reinventing Professional Services – Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace. Ari led a great, thought provoking discussion called Reinventing Your Law Practice In The Recovery that’s worth checking out. If you missed it, we recorded the […]

Legal Productivity App Of The Week – Be Awesome on Twitter With Buffer App

I’ve been a Twitter user for years and have tried most of the popular desktop apps like TweetDeck and HootSuite, but keep coming back to the beautiful simplicity of Twitter’s web interface. However, Twitter.com does lack some of the functionality provided by the third party stand-alone applications. But here comes Buffer App which allows me […]