Mac Preview

How to Edit and Annotate Images on a Mac Using Preview

We’re all content creators these days – social media, blogs, website and marketing copy, the list goes on – and content craves images. Images that need to be resized, color or exposure adjusted, text added, and other edits. If you own a Mac, the default image viewing application, Preview, will do the job just fine. […]

Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail – Part 2 of 2: The Tools

See Part 1: Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail: Encryption, for a discussion on ethics opinions, Gmail and an introduction to third-party options. Encryption refers to the process of encoding a message so that only authorized parties can read it. In relation to electronic information like e-mail, encryption uses a set of keys or passwords to […]

Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail – Part 1 of 2: Encryption

Discussions about the necessity for lawyers to encrypt their email invariably begin with the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility’s 1998 Formal Opinion 99-413 which states, “A lawyer may transmit information relating to the representation of a client by unencrypted e-mail sent over the Internet without violating the Model Rules of Professional Conduct […]

Roundup of Apps from iPad for Lawyers Webinar (2014)

Tom Mighell, author of iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers, put on another widely popular webinar for us. Here’s the much requested list of iPad apps he covered. Presentation and Meeting Apps Keynote Slideshark HaikuDeck Final Argument News and Reading Apps Feedly Mr. Reader Reeder Pocket Flipboard Breaking News Legal/Productivity Scanner Pro by […]

Four Ways to Properly Control Your Clients’ Documents

Clients share documents with you in various ways, often via email or cloud document-sharing services. Once you receive the files, however, you gain the most control when you use an enterprise cloud collaboration application. Over the last year or two, clients have become increasingly comfortable with cloud services. They use them to share vacation photos, […]