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20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts For Firefox Power Users

The latest in our Keyboard Shortcuts series. Keyboard shortcuts let you access frequently used features with a keystroke, and with your fingers never leaving the keyboard to use the mouse on your computer, saving time and increasing productivity. Many applications have scores or hundreds of shortcuts, but who can remember them all? It can be […]

4 Tips to Speed Up Your iPhone

The channels are buzzing with news of shiny new iPhones announced earlier today. But you’re not eligible for an upgrade or want to be prudent since your current phone works just fine. Well, it would be fine if it would just speed up a bit. The iPhone is computing device that happens to make phone […]

Web Monitoring Alert Services: Google vs. Yahoo vs. Talkwalker

Alert services let you track people, companies (yours and the competition), and just about anything that interests you. A few months ago, I wrote about alternatives to Google Alerts, and decided to put it to the test. I ran three searches – on a person, a company and a concept – for a month comparing […]

Poll: What's Your Favorite "Read Later" App?

Instead of keeping upwards of 20 tabs open in your browser for articles or websites that you plan to read later, you probably save them to a “read later” app like Pocket or Instapaper. Or, maybe you send them to Evernote or simply add them to your browser “Bookmarks,” or email them to yourself (“copy […]

Lawyers: Easy Dropbox Security Tips

It’s easier to swipe a client file from a desk or file cabinet than to hack into someone’s Dropbox account. But, lawyers are rightly concerned about following ethical guidelines to ensure confidentiality of client information. If you’re on the fence about using Dropbox, ramp up security first, then dive in. Here are five ways to […]

If This Then That (IFTTT): Connecting the Web One Recipe at a Time

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a service software that lets the Internet do your work for you by connecting major sites across the web, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, and more. The way IFTTT works is by taking a trigger (if this) and connecting it to an action (then that) on another site. […]

5 Reasons Why Native Apps are Better Than Web Apps

Yesterday, Legal Productivity’s parent company Rocket Matter announced the launch of their native Androidâ„¢ Time and Billing App for Lawyers. This comes on the heels of an update for our year-old native iPhone app. One question people have is, why bust your hump building different native apps? It would be a lot easier for us […]

Clever (and Useful) Google Searches

Sure, Google is a superb search engine with great tools and apps like Docs, Spreadsheets, Gmail and much more. But check out also, these clever, productivity-enhancing Google search shortcuts. 1. Get a timer with a simple Google search – buzzer and all: In the Google search box, enter “Set Timer for 10 minutes.” An alarm […]

Too Many Open Tabs In Your Browser? Try These Tips

Ideally, you shouldn’t have more than nine tabs open, but let’s be real. I try to keep them in the single digits for much of the day but when I’m in the middle of a research project (most days), it’s often a losing battle. But, when the browser or my computer starts slowing down, I […]

Free Google Alerts Alternatives

Seems like just the other day everyone was wailing about the demise of Google Reader and offering lists of alternatives. I went with Feedly and love it. Now we’re discovering that another Google product, Alerts, is broken. A recent Forbes article, lays it out: …as has been rumored for months, the very simple tool — […]