iPhones for Lawyers – 60 Apps in 60 Minutes for Busy Attorneys

This podcast episode is all about hotness in your pocket. Legal technology iPhone hotness, that is. Based on a webinar from Rocket Matter’s Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect Larry Port, we examine 60 of the newest, coolest, and interesting iPhone apps for use in your hectic life as a legal professional. Word of warning: some […]

What To Do When You Shatter Your New iPhone

Over the weekend a colleague finally caved in to iPhone mania and replaced his Blackberry with a 3G model for the lovely little sum of $49.00. Within a few hours, he dropped it to the ground, shattering the screen. My colleague, who shall remain anonymous, returned to the AT&T store who sold him the device. […]

How to Power Process Your Email for Attorneys by Paul Burton

A couple of months ago we had the pleasure of hosting Paul Burton of QuietSpacing on how to plow through your email inbox quickly and efficiently. Believe it or not, in the age of ubiquitous connectivity, “Crackberries”, iPhones, and the like, it IS possible to get some control around email, which more and more becomes […]

iPads for Lawyers Recordings and Resources

Those who missed our iPad for Lawyers webinar with Finis Price can enjoy a free 15 minute sample via our podcast (or playable below if you’re viewing this page not through the iTunes store). In addition, we’ve made the entire webinar available on RocketCLE.com for a nominal fee.

New Podcast Episode: Lisa Solomon on How Contract Lawyering Can Make Your Firm More Profitable

Nationally-known speaker Lisa Solomon, Esq., explains how solos and small firms can realize several benefits from outsourcing substantive legal work to independent, US-based contract (a/k/a freelance) lawyers.   Contract lawyers aren’t just for big firms anymore. In the full presentation Lisa covers what you need to know when considering this option.  Namely: 1.   Benefits […]

Performance Measures for Your Law Practice

Although lawyers try to stay far away from numbers, tracking numbers in your practice can be one of the most instructive activities you do. This podcast will show you how to track your more profitable activities, chart the growth of your firm, and will help you highlight gaps and leaks in your practice. Running a […]

SEO Best Practices for Lawyers (with Avvo)

Avvo, the attorney rating and listing site, fields calls and emails about SEO best practices and decided to offer our insight and address many of the frequently asked questions with an hour long presentation. This podcast episode is from a webinar we recorded with them back in July, and is an introduction to SEO for […]

SoloCorps Launches Video Testimonial Site For Small Firm Attorneys

Rocket Matter is the proud flagship sponsor of SoloCorps, an exciting new video testimonial project focusing on small and solo law firms.  Run by MyShingle icon Carolyn Elefant and the incredibly innovative Solosez and Twitter tour-de-force Lisa Solomon, SoloCorps is modeled after the StoryCorp project featured on National Public Radio. Lisa and Carolyn are currently […]

Maximizing Productivity with the Emails Glutting Your Inbox

Amol Sarva from Peek gave some great insight for email-overloaded attorneys in one of our Vendor Webinars back in August. If anyone would have some great suggestions for email usage, it would be Amol, whose award-winning Peek mobile email client has enabled small businesses to increase productivity and reduce stress through email. If ya missed […]