evergreen retainer

Wednesday Wisdom- Evergreen Retainers

Rocket Matter’s Evergreen Retainer feature allows you to maintain a minimum trust balance for your clients. Establish a minimum and a “replenish when below” amount. The next time you run invoices, the system will automatically add a request to replenish the trust account to your invoice for your convenience. See how easy it is in […]

edit matter button

Wednesday Wisdom- ‘Edit Matter’ Button

The ‘Edit Matter’ button gives you the flexibility to adjust matter details after creating your matter. Go back in and turn on electronic invoice sharing, set custom rates, configure IMAP folders, or edit the status of your matters to properly close or complete your cases. Making changes is easy with Rocket Matter!

matters report

Wednesday Wisdom- Matters Report

With our Matters Report, you can quickly and easily identify all matters in your firm! Filter for case status or by primary attorney for a personalized list of your matters. Show or hide columns to customize your report, or export for further manipulation of your report results. See for yourself in this week’s Wednesday Wisdom:

global search bar

Wednesday Wisdom- Global Search Bar

Using Rocket Matter’s Global Search Bar is the fastest way to locate contacts, activities, matters, and even invoices. Don’t go the long route and refer to your matters report to locate a matter. Simply begin typing and let the auto-suggest help you locate your matter in less time. Learn more in this week’s Wednesday Wisdom:

active matter tasks

Wednesday Wisdom: Active Matter Tasks Report

Need to know what matters have outstanding tasks? Run an Active Matter Task Report for details on all of your firm’s pending to-do’s. All unassigned tasks will be listed on the bottom of the report. Easily export your report and sort according to your needs. Learn more in this week’s Wednesday Wisdom!

business intelligence

Wednesday Wisdom- Business Intelligence Tool

Create your own custom reports with our new Business Intelligence tool. You can select from different categories of data and extract the exact data sets you desire. Simply drag, drop, and run your custom reports with ease. Title and save your report for future use! Not seeing the Business Intelligence tool in your account? Contact […]

alternative fee arrangements

Wednesday Wisdom- Alternative Fee Arrangements

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your only options in Rocket Matter are Hourly, Contingency or Flat Fee. You can implement Alternative Fee Arrangements by setting up your matter with an initial billing method and then editing your matter when the time comes for you to switch gears. Our ‘dollar sign’ also provides you with […]

wednesday wisdom notes

Wednesday Wisdom- Notes

Did you know that Rocket Matter has a note section? No need to draft notes on Word and upload them into Rocket Matter. You can quickly and easily record notes within the app itself. Navigate to the matter, click on the powerful “add new” button, and select “note”. Record your notes and utilize our Bill-as-You-Work […]

trust details

Wednesday Wisdom- Trust Details

Stay on top of your trust account with ease, right from your User Dashboard! The Trust Details page is easily accessible and outlines exactly what you need to know. Access trust details including client contributions, pending invoicing, and client remaining balances. Filter your results for open, closed, or completed matters, or export your results for […]


Wednesday Wisdom- Folders

With Rocket Matter’s powerful documents section, users can upload and download documents as needed. Easily create folders for optimal organization. Once folders are created, use the drop-down actions tab to move documents into the desired location. Here at Rocket Matter, we know how important it is to stay organized, and we know how to help. […]