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Empower your lawyers to get more done. Leverage AI and ChatGPT directly from the Rocket Matter app to your benefit and gain the competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Reshape the way your lawyers work and enhance your client experiences.

To remain competitive, today’s successful legal firms need to explore the full potential of AI to empower lawyers in their daily tasks.

Rocket Matter’s AI-powered assistance tailored for law firms is revolutionizing the legal industry, empowering law firms with unprecedented productivity and client communication.

Ensure Your Data Remains Confidential

  • Rest assured, sensitive information, such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and confidential documents, is protected with Rocket Matter's AI feature. Leveraging the OpenAI API ensures a higher level of data privacy compared to using ChatGPT directly.
  • By choosing Rocket Matter, you mitigate risks associated with data privacy, as OpenAI does not use customer-submitted data via their API to train their models or improve their services.

Empower Your Lawyers to Quickly Access Accurate Answers to Their Legal Questions

  • Optimize productivity and decision-making by streamlining workflows and enabling your team to find the answers quickly and accurately to their legal questions.
  • While AI has the potential to revolutionize legal work, it won't replace attorneys or legal staff. But it does have the power to boost productivity and give you a competitive advance as it serves as a valuable assistant allowing for greater efficiency and effectiveness in your team’s work.
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First of Many Releases and Innovations

  • The integration allows users to leverage ChatGPT for purposes such as drafting a message or summarizing a document, without the user having to leave the platform or have a separate ChatGPT license.
  • Rocket Matter is working quickly toward enhancing the integration’s functionality by enabling users to leverage the ChatGPT integration to generate insights from the business intelligence within Rocket Matter. This will include designing reports and finding financial information.
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"Overall, my experience with Rocket Matter has been very successful in navigating through the website and it is pretty self explanatory which helps when training new employees comes up. The ease in using this software makes working to track time spent on cases flawless."

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"Rocket Matter has been excellent for our firm and it allows us to maintain excellent billing practices while maintaining everything in an organized fashion."
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