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New Legal Practice Management Guide and Software for Family Lawyers

family lawyers legal practice management guide

The decision to practice family law can be one of the most challenging and fulfilling choices an attorney can make. Whether you’re in a solo, small, or mid-sized firm, you’ll be spending time helping clients navigate through one of the most difficult periods in their lives, and you’ll need legal case management software to handle the case load.

If you’re an exclusive family law practitioner or are considering adding family law to your current mix of practice area specialties, there are certain challenges and workflow complexities you’ll encounter on a regular basis. In addition to managing difficult situations and emotional clients, barrage of emails and phone calls, along with a robust court schedule, you also have to be adept at multi-tasking, prioritizing, and juggling multiple cases. Family law practitioners must possess excellent organizational skills and always make sure that they and their staff are on the same page.

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In this guide we outline some of the challenges and workflow issues family law practitioners face every day managing the firm, serving clients, and handling cases, and provide real-world solutions from intake to invoicing.