happy holidays - lawyer gifts
It’s that time of year again, and we have a bunch of awesome, affordable gift ideas for fun-loving lawyers, legal professionals and productivity geeks. We’ve spent more time (and fun, since as Maslow notes, Almost all creativity involves purposeful play) than we care to admit compiling this list. Hope you find something useful and fun for you and your friends, family, and colleagues.

Lawyer Gifts - Pebblebee HoneyThe Pebblebee Honey – This bluetooth loss prevention device communicates with your phone, helps you find keys, luggage, pets—or any of your most prized possessions.

Cost: $24.99.

lawyer gifts - ice-cubesFrozen Peas Ice Cube Spheres – Spherical ice cubes look extra-cool and keep your drink extra-cold, for longer.

Cost: $15.

camjamr - webcam coverCamJamr Webcam Cover – Concerned about cyber peepers remotely accessing your webcam? Allay your fears with these simple webcam covers designed to stick, then un-stick leaving behind no sticky residue.

Cost: Thematic packs start at under $10.

lawyer gifts - foot hammockUnder-Desk Foot Hammock – Easily hang the mini hammock under your desk or table, elevate your feet and let the blood flow.

Cost: $12.99.

power-cubePower Cube – Get rid of the power cord mess for your gadgets. These cubes come with extension cord and UBS options.

Cost: $12.99 – $24.99.

wireless alarmSmartShaker Wireless Smartphone Controlled Alarm – Wake up on time without disturbing your spouse or roommate. Pair your phone to SmartShaker wirelessly and set your alarm to wake up to vibration only, alarm tone only or a combination of both.

Cost: $15.

solar chargerPort Solar Charger – Harness the power of the sun – whether in a plane, in a car, or just looking for an emergency power source for your smartphone.

Cost: $50.

lawyer gifts - bookendsBook Hero Bookend – An uncommon bookshelf that book lovers and super heroes fans will love. And a great conversation starter as well.

Cost: $30.

telephoto lensSmartphone Camera Telephoto Lens – Captures rich textures, materials, and living things phones were never before capable of seeing. Maybe your next blood moon photo will not look like a street lamp.

Cost: $79.99

lawyer gifts - printerWireless Laser Printer – Even a paperless office needs an occasional printout – like tickets to the game or when you’re hosting a webinar only to discover that Keynote inexplicably takes up both screens and you need a printout of your notes. (rant over)

Cost: $59.99

habit formingHabit Rabbit – One of the best ways to learn something new, boost productivity, or change behavior, is to form a habit. This little rabbit can help.

Cost: $25.

mindfulness for lawyersThe Mindfulness Coloring Book – A fun and unique pocket-size coloring book designed to channel stress into relaxing, creative accomplishments. Anti-stress art therapy for the busy legal professional.

Cost: $9.95.

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Happy Holidays from the Legal Productivity team!