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Law Firm Growth Manual Volume 2: Better Billing Practices

Law Firm Growth

Bad legal billing practices have plagued law firm operations and, in turn, law firm growth for decades. Clients routinely wait months to be billed resulting in client complaints and cash flow problems for the firm. Each of those factors does its part in handcuffing the firm’s opportunity for growth.

Let’s be honest: if the bills are slow to go out then the cash is slow to come in. If the cash is slow to come in, the resources available for marketing and growth will naturally fall far down the priority chain.

This book (formerly: Ridiculously Remarkable Legal Billing) identifies problems caused by bad billing practices and offers practical advice on how to get your bills out on time and get paid. It puts forth the simple proposition that when your billing is under control, when cash is arriving at a more regular and predictable pace, it can not only result in a more enjoyable and lucrative practice, but a practice that has the time and resources to grow.