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Internet Marketing E-Book: Blogging Basics

Blogging creates business opportunities and promotes client growth. According to marketing firm Hubspot, B2C companies engaging in blogging receive 88% more leads per month than those who don’t.

When done correctly, publishing well-structured, 200-600 word blog posts on a regular basis feeds Google and the social networks, which are insatiable beasts. They both love and reward new content.

The trick for many is how to get started. That’s what Blogging Basics is all about: quick, to the point tips so you can launch out of the gate and sustain an amazing, dynamic site.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Blog?
  • 5 Tips To Get Started
  • Blogging
  • 12-Point Blog Post Checklist
  • Create An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog Using Spreadsheets, Plugins Or Evernote
  • 6 Useful Google Blogging Tools
  • Top 10 Blogs About Blogging to Make You a Better Blogger
  • Monthly Blog Maintenance Checklist
  • 10 Lessons From 5 Years Of Legal Blogging
  • Great (Free) Image Editing Tools To Spruce Up Your Blog Posts
  • 11 Blogging Tools To Manage And Grow Your Blog
  • 3 Ways To Promote Your New Blog
  • Get Quick Blogging Insights with Google Analytics
  • How To Set Up Google Authorship With Google+

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