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Internet Marketing E-Book: Email Marketing

Email newsletters are probably the least appreciated aspect of Internet marketing. But guess what: the day you send out your newsletter should be the most important marketing day of the month for your firm.  And with more people looking at their emails on smartphones, you need to know how to do your newsletter the right way.

In this E-Book, you’ll learn about the elements that go into creating an effective email newsletter – one that gets opened and read. These include links that drive traffic to your website, subject line optimization, and the best time of the day, week, and month to send your emails. You’ll learn what your newsletter should REALLY be all about, and why it’s important to your firm’s bottom line.  You’ll also discover tips and tricks for building your distribution list.

Table of Contents:

  • Email Marketing: Surprising Insight Lawyers Can Use
  • 6 Tips For Generating Effective Email Subject Lines
  • The Best Times to Send Out Marketing Emails
  • 3 Ways to Optimize Marketing Emails for Mobile Devices
  • Using Images in Email Newsletters: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • 5 Easy Ways To Increase the Open Rate of Your Email Newsletter
  • Use Subject Line App to Improve Your Email Open Rate
  • 5 Ways to Build an Effective Email Marketing List
  • 5 WordPress Newsletter Plugins to Grow Your Email Marketing Lists

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