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Internet Marketing E-Book: Websites

So you’ve decided that a website is necessary to build your brand and market your practice – your home on the internet where you control your message.

But creating a vibrant, productive website can be intimidating. What the heck is a “productive” website, anyway? How do you create one? How do potential clients and industry folks find your website?

This E-Book provides information on building your website – from choosing a domain name, design and usability (what works and what doesn’t), building a mobile-ready site, optimizing, and analytics.

Table of Contents:

  • What to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name
  • 7 Website Usability Tips to Consider
  • Why Your Website Should Take a Page from Miley Cyrus and Get Naked
  • How Websites are like Movies
  • 6 Major Website FAILS
  • 5 Critical Logo Considerations for Professionals
  • How Great Websites for Professional Service Firms Use the Trunk Test
  • 5 Secrets to Creating Great Banner Ads
  • How to Get More Business from Your Website with Trust Badges
  • Why Mobile Websites for Business Are a Must
  • What is Responsive Design and Why Should I Care About It?
  • A Comprehensive SEO Checklist
  • How Slugs Help With Search Engine Optimization
  • What Are the Basics For Measuring Website Performance?

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