Email Subject LineWhen it comes to email marketing or sending out business related emails, a carefully crafted subject line can make the difference in getting your email read.

Many factors have been identified that determine whether your email will end up in the spam folder, moved to a “to read later” folder, or opened  – like a limit of 50 characters, or is it 35, to optimize for checking email on mobile devices? Should you use CAPS or exclamation points? Which words trigger spam filters?

Subject Line identifies and applies these factors by leveraging over one billion email messages that have been sent and tracked, to create a rating tool that allows you to test a subject line.

Enter your email subject line and the app rates it – up to 100 points – identifies deliverability issues, and gives you feedback that you can use to edit your subject line and improve email open rates.

Subject Line Email App

The Subject Line app will appeal to marketing professionals, and really, to anyone that sends out newsletters and other business related emails.

Cost: Free
Available: iPhone, iPad, Android

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