How to Avoid A Lawyer Meltdown – Learn How to Delegate With Allison Shields

o you know how to delegate effectively? Many lawyers don’t. Being able to let go of work that others can do and knowing how to follow up are key abilities in learning how to lessen workloads and reclaim your life.

Allison Shields of LegalEase Consulting Inc. and the popular website hosted Rocket Matter’s May Webinar on
“How to Avoid a Lawyer Meltdown”. She was kind enough to produce her slides for us on

Allison recommends Five Steps for Effective Delegation. You can get the first two on this post, but check out the recording and Rocket Matter Podcastto listen to all five and hear them explained:

1. Give clear, comprehensive instructions
2. Ensure that you’ve been understood

Listen to the Rocket Matter Podcast and find out more!