Maximizing Productivity with the Emails Glutting Your Inbox

Amol Sarva from Peek gave some great insight for email-overloaded attorneys in one of our Vendor Webinars back in August. If anyone would have some great suggestions for email usage, it would be Amol, whose award-winning Peek mobile email client has enabled small businesses to increase productivity and reduce stress through email.

If ya missed it, no worries. Here are some Tweets of wisdom sent out during the session, as well as a slidecast and audio recording of “Maximizing Productivity with the Emails Glutting Your Inbox”

Today, @PeekInc observes their business users average over 100 emails a day – a significant increase from before.

Less Time on Email Tip: Don’t Respond Right Away to emails. Make sure to avoid conversations; use the phone for those.

Mobile email is not about productivity, but rather about liberation. – @AmolSarva @PeekInc

Consider using email for note taking and task management.

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Inbox Anxiety … fear of being away from email for too long or feeling overwhelmed by messages upon return. – @PeekInc

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Ask yourself: Do you consider email to be a high-value usage of your time? #RMWebinar

Consider providing staff with affordable access to mobile email. The avg worker will work an additional hour a day. @PeekInc #RMWebinar

“Mobilizing” your team is an inevitability. – @AmolSarva #RMWebinar