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Streamline LEDES Billing, Minimize Errors, and Reduce Invoice Rejection with Rocket Matter's Insurance Defense Module

Customize Your Billing Code Mapping

Our users can define which Rocket Matter data fields correspond to which billing codes. Our flexible configuration allows users to customize their own billing code field mappings by matter, by client, or throughout the entire application

Pair Human-Readable Files

Our billing workflows are simple and customizable, allowing you to work the way you want. When an invoice is complete and ready to be sent, the system will bundle a PDF version of it along with the LEDES file so you never have to guess what you’re sending.

Leverage Intelligent Invoice Analysis

Our Intelligent Invoice Analysis automatically identifies common billing errors before invoices are sent to clients. You can avoid invoice rejections thanks to this built-in auditing feature.

Update Invoices with Bulk Actions

Editing your invoice data has never been easier! Our Insurance Defense Module helps firms avoid eBilling system rejections with simple inline and bulk editing of invoices.

Automate Adjustments

When a partial payment is made, our bulk payments and adjustments feature automatically zeroes out an invoice without your having to apply manual calculations. With a few quick clicks, you can apply this feature to all of your invoices.

Track Collections with Reporting

Our comprehensive reports help attorneys and their staff see firm-wide and client-level collection data. Learn critical collection percentages so you can make informed decisions about your firm.

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