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IMS Case Study: Monast Law Office

Monast Law Office Works with Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services (IMS) to Develop an Internet Marketing and Branding Campaign from the Ground Up


Jim Monast has been representing Ohioans in Workers Compensation matters since 1985. However, having recently ventured out on his own after 20+ years of practice in a partnership, he faced many of the same marketing issues as a young lawyer fresh out of law school. Jim didn’t have a website, a tagline or even a logo. He had the most important piece for a successful practice – an irreplaceable wealth of experience – but no real way to effectively communicate that to prospective new clients, and no real knowledge whatsoever about marketing or the web. Rocket Matter IMS’ comprehensive, execution-focused service was exactly what he needed.


The first thing Jim needed was some branding. A clear representation of Jim that new prospects would understand completely in two seconds. Since Jim was seeking new clients from his local market, Rocket Matter IMS drew from an unmistakable local symbol that virtually everyone in Columbus, Ohio knows and loves: The Ohio State University. OSU, which also happens to be Jim’s alma mater, is the heart and soul of Columbus, employing many of its residents and comprising a huge part of the local economy. OSU, with its Scarlet and Grey colors, stands for strength and stability.

Disicplina in civitatem is its motto (“education for citizenship”), an idea that fits right in with Jim’s actual practice of educating his clients while he aggressively represents them. So step 1 for Jim was: adopt a locally familiar Scarlet-based color scheme, and add a visual symbol that conveyed stability and strength: a Greek column, similar to those found in banks, monuments and yes – colleges. Jim now has a clean, clear logo and color scheme that’s locally familiar and which conveys everything Jim wants to convey about his practice.


  • Establish and execute an effective branding campaign
  • Develop a web presence including web site, social media, newsletters, and ebook from the ground up



With no web presence at all to start with, the website development process could start from a completely clean slate. After a survey of sites of other local law firms competitive with Jim, it quickly became clear that the best starting point for Jim would be, contrary to his initial thoughts, selecting a domain that communicated his practice area as opposed to his name. By selecting, Rocket Matter IMS gave Jim a leg up by including keywords that would be SEO friendly.

Unlike other agencies where “SEO optimization” tactics are often tacked-on to existing sites, Rocket Matter IMS uses fundamental SEO principles in the actual site architecture. By analogy, we didn’t add gutters to a client;s old house; rather, we built a house with the kind of foundation that itself would elegantly deflect water. After a comprehensive analysis to identify the appropriate keywords that ought be used on the site (including words that align perfectly with Jim’s goals, practice area, and geographic considerations), we started constructing some options.

Like all Rocket Matter IMS clients, Jim didn’t get a cookie-cutter “template” web design. We presented Jim with a few potential designs and we selected the perfect one for his situation. This design was specifically architected and designed to perform well in this particular market, taking into consideration not just SEO and other “best practices” in site design, but also other players in that market – both existing and those that could enter later.

In the end, Jim’s site is not only visually attractive, but built on a solid foundation including optimized titles, indices, headlines, meta-tags and content. Also, like every Rocket Matter IMS site, the site is “mobile responsive”, so as to provide mobile visitors with a website experience that is easy to view and navigate from their tablet or mobile device.


With all his experience, Jim has a wealth of knowledge about Workers Comp. tI’s the kind of information that can be extremely useful to both existing clients and folks who aren’t yet clients. We set up a blog for Jim, and by tapping into things Jim already knows, he’s able to put a few posts out each week that serve as both great reference material for internet researches and also as helpful lead generation tools.

Jim anticipates and answers the type of questions that he handles everyday, like: “Can I be fired for filing a workers compensation claim in Ohio?”. Readers get a great quick overview answer and then know exactly who to call when they need to discuss their own fact-specific situation in more depth.

Because Jim’s posts are, for the most part, not particularly time-sensitive (most of the general questions concerning Workers Comp are the same year in, and year out), he can aggregate these posts and use them as supplemental content for a monthly client newsletter. Rocket Matter IMS advised Jim on newsletter distribution optimization tactics (like which day and time are best to send it out), and he’s off to the races.

Starting with his intial client list, Jim’s newsletter list grows each week as blog readers sign up, and existing readers share the useful content with friends. As a result, his newsletter list – in turn, his prospective business list – continues to grow.

Social Media


In addition to his website, blog and newsletters, Rocket Matter IMS also got Jim up and running on each major social networking platform. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are all now additional tools for Jim’s firm and Rocket Matter IMS advised him how to efficiently manage each one. Without specific guidance, social media can be an ominous time-sink for busy lawyers, but Rocket Matter IMS has determined exactly how to use each tool in a way that optimizes its effectiveness while also minimizing the lawyer’s time investment.

But it sure doesn’t look like anything is being minimized: all of Jim’s social media accounts have attractive, customized backgrounds – all reflecting his new branding – and they each serve as entry points for new prospects to come in and read Jim’s blog, subscribe to his newsletter, or keep up with breaking news and information that Jim thinks is important.



Jim’s blog also served as a source from which to assemble a professionally designed and edited E-Book. Jim’s e-book, titled: “Worker’s Guide To Injury Compensation in Ohio” can be downloaded by anyone interested in the topic. Distributed through Rocket Matter IMS-determined methods that are assured to reach Jim’s target audience, his e-book can be in the hands of prospective clients (or prospective referring lawyers) instantly. E-books are outstanding lead generators, helping to both establish professional expertise, credibility and identity.

Measurement and Results

Within a relatively short amount of time, and at a fraction of the expected cost, Jim went from having absolutely no web presence to having an optimized, custom-designed website that is accompanied by a blog, a regular newsletter, an E-Book and an active social media presence.