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IMS Case Study: The Stevens Firm

Successful Blogger and Attorney Ben Stevens Uses Rocket Matter to Take His Internet Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

“I have worked with many different marketing companies over the last 18 years, and my previous internet marketing experiences were typical of most attorneys’ – over-promised and under-delivered. The Rocket Matter IMS experience couldn’t be more different.” – Ben Stevens, The Stevens Firm Family Law Center


Married attorneys Ben and Jenny Stevens run The Stevens Firm, a successful and highly regarded family law practice out of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Ben, the author of two successful blogs, is no stranger to Internet marketing.  His Mac Lawyer and South Carolina Family Law Blog are considered two of the most prominent publications in the legal blogging world.

However, his blogging success wasn’t translating into the kind of site traffic Ben thought he could achieve.  He was looking for an agency that could view his entire Internet marketing picture and take their firm to the next level.  Ben and Jenny were looking for the total perspective – help unifying all of their online efforts and total overall direction for their branding and marketing goals.

Said Ben: Having been with Rocket Matter from its inception, I have seen it grow into today’s leading online case management program.  One integral part of its growth has been the creative marketing techniques used, which have now been incorporated into Rocket X1 [Now IMS].  Moving our firm’s marketing to Rocket X1 [IMS] was not so much a “leap of faith” as a “leap of trust”, because knowing the people behind Rocket X1 [IMS], we had absolutely no doubt that it would send our firm’s marketing presence into orbit, and we couldn’t be happier with the results thus far.


  • Assess current marketing efforts and develop a roadmap to better results
  • Create a memorable brand that embodies the values the firm is built upon


The law firm wanted a new logo: something beautiful and iconic that they could be proud of, paint on the wall of their office, and use to tie together their marketing efforts. They knew they wanted to use the colors green and purple, but those were our only constraints.

As a team we discussed employing imagery that reflected two of the facets of family law:  the strength needed in negotiation and litigation, and the sheltering aspect required to protect children.  We came up with the idea of a tree that does both, and narrowed in on a specific, iconic variety that is local to the firm and had significance for the two lawyers.   After several revisions, we worked with Ben and Jenny to achieve the beautiful end result which is now ties together all of their firm imagery.

The Stevens Law Firm


Upon working with Rocket X1, The Stevens firm maintained three websites:  the South Carolina Family Law Blog, their law firm marketing website, and The Mac Lawyer Blog.  In spite of all of their blogging, their law firm website was not enjoying the traffic they desired.

To solve this issue, we decided to consolidate their law firm website with their highly trafficked Family Law blog.  We commissioned a total, modern redesign based on their new logo and color scheme – something that would befit the forward thinking and modern nature of their practice. The Mac Lawyer blog would continue as an ongoing concern, given a modest facelift by us and migrated to our servers.

Our next task was to outfit their sites for proper search engine optimization (SEO). Ben and Jenny helped us seed our keyword strategy.  Once we received the keywords from the firm, we conducted research to determine which keywords had the highest search volumes and the lowest competition and designed a site architecture to target those terms.

One critical deciding factor in Ben’s desire to work with us was the originality and quality of our web design at Rocket Matter.  He wanted something of equal quality for his own site.  We worked with one of our top designers to achieve the highly professional look our client desired.  The result was a stunningly original website, optimized for SEO as well as lead conversion, and completely consistent with The Stevens Firm’s branding.

Not only does their site look good on a normal computer, but with so many people surfing the web on tablets and smartphones, it was critical for us to design a responsive site that looks good on all platforms.

The Stevens Law Firm


Ben and Jenny have written extensively on their blogs, which is great material for a firm newsletter.  As they cultivate a list of leads (through their offline efforts and their new online generation efforts), it’s important for them to regularly reach out to their potential clients and stay relevant and not forgotten.

The newsletter we’re creating for them does just that.  They utilize our playbook of best practices when it comes to deciding what content to use, how to present it, when to send it, and what subject lines to use.  We came up with an original template design for their newsletter that supports their branding and keeps their look and messaging consistent.

Social Media

For some people, social media is a total mystery.  For Jenny Stevens, that is not the case.  She regularly engages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.  That kind of involvement is great for their firm:  the more articles and news items she shares on social channels, the greater the odds are that someone will share her content or link back to her site, ultimately generating more website traffic.

We complemented Jenny’s efforts by outfitting their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles with their new branding.  We also pointed them to new tools that streamline their social media usage, helped them identify which content was ideal for sharing, and instructed them on optimal send times for their messaging.  In short, we optimized and helped them focus their already impressive social network capabilities.

The Stevens Law Firm


E-books, which are elegantly designed PDFs featuring written content, are fantastic lead collection tools.  Visitors to websites love to download them – so much so that they will exchange their contact information for them.  For Rocket Matter, our e-books have resulted in thousands of leads collected.

The Stevens Firm is currently compiling their first e-book from their large library of content.  With their trove of valuable blog content, Ben and Jenny will be able to produce many e-books in quick succession.

Measurement and Results

The Stevens Firm is about to go live with their new websites.  We’re excited to see the results.  According to Ben,

I have worked with many different marketing companies over the last 18 years, and my previous internet marketing experiences were typical of most attorneys’ — over-promised and under-delivered. The Rocket X1 [Now, Rocket Matter IMS] experience couldn’t be more different. Using its organized approach, Rocket X1 [IMS] systematically looks both forward and back every step of the way, so you know where you’re going, understand how you’re getting there, and learning from where you’ve been.  They also develop a comprehensive marketing plan, instead of focusing on any one aspect of it, so your message consistently reaches your target audience.  Marketing is an important part of a successful law practice, and Rocket X1 [IMS] has designed a program that makes it manageable.