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So You Don’t Think Law Software Can Be Amazing? See How Good It Can Be.

Make your firm as efficient and productive as possible with our law practice management software.


Rocket Matter provides calendars from both your perspective and your firm’s. Add other users in your firm to your law software’s calendar and easily see who’s busy, and when. Add attendees to your events and set reminders so that you never miss another meeting or appointment.

Task Tracking

Easily track, update, and assign tasks. Associate tasks with matters and easily bill for your time. Drag-and-drop tasks to prioritize them how you see fit, and tag them to assemble a Getting Things Done™ system inside of Rocket Matter.

Take a deeper look at how our online law practice management software can work for your firm.

Phone Messaging

Manage internal communications and say goodbye to pink message pads! Our law software’s message system is integrated into your contacts list, so writing down who called is error-free and easy.

Skype Integration

Enter Skype usernames when you create a contact, and call using Skype with one click directly from Rocket Matter. If you have Skype Out, you can easily initiate phone conversations with any telephone number.


Use our built-in online stopwatch to never miss another minute. Easily bill for your captured time with just one click.

Mobile Access

Rocket Matter can be used with any mobile device capable of running a full browser. Our software is optimized for usage on the iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Android, and modern Blackberries.

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Organize and locate things quickly with our law practice management software.

Quickly navigate your law practice management software to find contacts, tags, matters, or documents from any page. The Global Intelligent Search, available throughout Rocket Matter, suggests possible matches as you type and reduces errors by automatically completing your entries for you. It’s like having your own mind reader!


Tags are custom keywords which describe contacts, matters, documents, and tasks. In Rocket Matter, you can tag an item to make it searchable and quickly filter your information in simple, yet powerful ways.

Documents & Notes

Store files and web addresses and share them across all users. What an easy way to collaborate! Rocket Matter includes unlimited document storage with every subscription. Save & easily find case research and store important emails and details for reference with notes.
Find out more about document assembly and our unlimited file storage.

Paperless Law Office Software

How much time do you spend filing? Since you can store your documents online, eliminate the pink message pads, and manage your legal cases online at a glance, say goodbye to time spent printing, filing, and manually retrieving information.

Contact Management

Looking for a simple CRM? Store all your contacts in Rocket Matter. Export them to create mail merge mailing labels and form letters. Establish relationships between contacts and matters for easy reference and to build a conflict history.

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Instant insight into your cases and firm performance.

User & Matter Dashboards

Your User Dashboard shows your most pressing priorities at a glance. Serving as your Rocket Matter home base, the User Dashboard provides information unique to you, showing a quick view of your tasks and calendar events. At the heart of of our law practice management software is the lightning speed with which you can find and relate information to your matters. Matter Dashboards store documents, notes, invoices, tasks, and events, like sophisticated file folders.


Get a grasp on your firm’s activity to increase your efficiency and help drive your fee structures. Quickly discover your most profitable cases, the associates with most hours billed, and use data to drive your business forward. Create and run reports at any time, and download them for further slicing and dicing in Excel.

Conflict Checking

As you create a matter and enter the client name, related matters for the client will automatically appear. The best part is your conflicts are built up naturally: just by using Rocket Matter, you’ll build up a history.

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Increase revenue with streamlined legal billing.

Expense and Time Tracking

Forget about losing track of precious billable time or expenses. Capture any cost or time entry easily. Log court fees, travel time, and other miscellaneous items from one screen.


Invoicing in Rocket Matter is a breeze. Two clicks are all it takes to generate professional looking bills, customizable with your own logo. PDF, Word, and WordPerfect invoice creation allows you to integrate with your current tools.

Batch Billing

Imagine being able to reduce billing from a 2-day process to a 15 minute event! With Batch Billing and our Bill as you Work technology, you can generate all of your invoices for your clients with the click of a button.

Flexible Billing Structures

Do you do contingency, flat fee, and hourly billing combined? With Rocket Matter’s law software, it’s not a problem. We support multiple variations of traditional billing structures so you can run the firm in the way you see fit.

Flexible User Rates

Set different rates for different users, different matters, and different items. Our rates are effectively dated so you can make adjustments at any time.

Learn more about our legal time and billing capabilities.

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