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Rocket Matter iPhone App iconThe Best iPhone® App for Lawyers

With its amazing time-saving functionality, the Rocket Matter legal iPhone app makes life as a lawyer a whole lot easier. Plus, you can work with your Android™ partners.

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Capture Time and Expenses on the Go

You know what it’s like when you have to hustle to one thing after another. Quickly log your time and out of pocket expenses and associate them with a matter. Run a timer. You don’t have to worry about losing track of your activities as you sprint to depositions and hearings. When you combine our easy mobile time capture with Rocket Matter’s Bill As You Work technology, you’re going to capture more time than ever before.

iPhone app for legal practice

Matter Information Available Anytime, Anywhere

Your client wants to know where they stand with their bills? You can find out in two clicks. Need to quickly see a list of all of your recent billable items on a case? No problem. The Rocket Matter iPhone app for lawyers lists all of your matters and allows you to see all of your related contacts and calendar events with two or three easy taps.

Better yet, the app is free for Rocket Matter account holders.

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Remarkable Calendar Management

Conquer the crazy schedule.  See what you have going at a quick glance with our colorful calendar.  All of your events are constantly in synch with the Rocket Matter web application.  Plus, they can be associated with your matters.  The judge needs you see what you have going on three months from now?  No problem.  And you can add new appointments on the fly, instantly visible to everyone else in your Rocket Matter account.

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Fast, Beautiful, and Intuitive Interface

You instantly know from the second you launch our legal Phone app how to use it. That’s because our revolutionary app was designed to be used quickly and easily by busy attorneys on the go. You need speed, so we delivered it to you. Our app is built in native iOS and is not a web application, so there’s no waiting and no lag. And with its beautiful, sleek interface, the iPhone Rocket Matter app for lawyers makes a big statement about the attorney using it.

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