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Legal Billing Software that Works the Way You Do

Imagine having total confidence in the amount of time you’re billing each month. When you use Rocket Matter’s legal billing software, you avoid the whole end-of-the-month legal billing rush.

No more scrounging through emails, calendar events, and legal pads scattered across the office in an attempt to reconstitute your billing for the month. Our Bill As You Work™ technology makes time capture a breeze.
Our intuitive time and expense capture screens are optimized for efficient time entry from anywhere in the application. And everything you do in Rocket Matter’s legal time and billing software prompts you to record billable time. Tasks, calendar events, document uploads, phone messages, and notes all help you stay on top of things. You won’t lose even a minute. Timers abound through Rocket Matter so you can easily keep track of where your time goes during the day

Customize Your Invoices And Run All of Your Legal Billing At Once

All of your client bills are created in one fell swoop, in PDF, Word,® WordPerfect®, or Excel® formats. We store your invoices online for you, so that at any time you can review your billing history and see what charges went out when. When lawyers say they get their bills out in 30 minutes, it’s because they’re Rocket Matter customers using batch billing.

At Rocket Matter, we think of your invoice as something more than just a request for payment. It’s also an important way to communicate with clients.

So it needs to match your personality and convey exactly what you want to convey. Many law firms like our professional, out-of-the box legal invoices. Others prefer to bring their own stationary, logos, and fonts into the mix. Some want a remittance stub to fit a certain envelope size. No problem.

Capture Time and Expenses Effortlessly

You know what it’s like when you have to move quickly from task to task, with interruptions. Multitask and never miss important billable time with our multiple timers feature. With Rocket Matter, you can run a timer to quickly log your time and out of pocket expenses and associate them with a matter. Then, pause your timer and start another one for another matter.

Open as many timers as you need. Your billable time is easily tracked across multiple matters and invoicing is a breeze.

With our intuitive law practice management software, you don’t have to worry about losing track of your activities as you sprint to depositions and hearings. When you combine our easy mobile time capture with Rocket Matter’s Bill As You Work™ technology, you’re going to capture more time than ever before.

Adding Taxes to Your Invoices Has Never Been So Easy

Let’s face it:  Doing taxes is never fun, but Rocket Matter makes it manageable. Define as many custom tax rates as you need. Add a tax rate to a matter, and Rocket Matter automatically calculates how much the client owes, making invoicing a breeze. Our powerful batch billing and reporting capabilities let you see all of your taxes at a glance. Never miss a detail on your invoices. Rocket Matter has you covered.

Integrate Seamlessly With QuickBooks® Online

Say goodbye to duplicate entries and extra administrative work. Our robust new integration with Quickbooks Online is intuitively designed with law firms in mind. Effortlessly sync invoices, expenses, trust account credits and debits, as well as all your current clients with Rocket Matter. From time capture to accounting entries, Rocket Matter has your firm covered seamlessly.

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