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[Webinar Wrap-Up] How to Start Your Own Legal Podcast

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In this lively, interactive 30-minute (well, 45 minutes if you count the Q&A) webinar, Daniel Gershburg showed us how simple it is to get started with legal podcasting. Here’s a summary since we ditched the slides in favor of demonstrating websites and tools.
Why podcast? Because you want to try something that isn’t all about marketing and because you want to have insightful conversations with people you admire.
Tools of the trade: A microphone ($50 or less), some software (Audacity) and a streaming service (Soundcloud)
Podcast platforms: Soundcloud, iTunes
What about phone interviews? A great way to interview people. Use Skype to make the process seamless.
Content, guests and spreading the word: It’s all about people and subjects who interest you. Have candid conversations and be yourself. Set up a separate website for your podcasts and use social media and word of mouth to spread the message.
Optimal time: Record as long as you want, but make sure the published episodes are less than 45 minutes each. 30 minutes is best.
The webinar recording is in post-production and will soon be available on Rocket Academy where you can find a collection of practice management, technology, productivity, and marketing videos, so please check back.