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Managing Your Practice Just Got Easier With Rocket Matter

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Robust legal case management and reporting.

Complete Access to Your Firm's Information

Imagine having all of your client and matter information in one place—documents, emails, tasks, and billable activity—in an easy-to-use interface.

Kanban Boards

View a visual status of all your cases with Kanban boards, which are built on top of Rocket Matter’s robust Legal Project Management platform.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Quickly build reports of actionable data you can rely on to help build a better practice.

legal project management- rocket matter kanban board
law firm time tracking software- Rocket Matter

Industry-leading time and billing functionality.

Bill-As-You-Work™ Technology

Our intuitive time and expense capture screens are optimized for efficiency from anywhere within the application. And our multiple timers make tracking your time across matters a breeze.

Batch Billing and Bulk Editing

Complete your monthly billing in no time with batch billing and customizable billing rules. Rocket Matter also provides simple inline and bulk editing of invoices.

Trust Accounting Made Easy

Rocket Matter helps you keep your trust accounts straight in a simple and straightforward way.

Tools for serious document professionals.

Unlimited Email, PDF, and Word Document Storage

Store all the documents you want, organized by matter alongside other case information for convenient access.

Document Assembly

Quickly and easily create legal documents and store them within Rocket Matter. You can also add billable time to your documents as you create them.

Two-Way Document Sharing

Send documents to your clients with just a few clicks. You can also securely request documents from your clients that upload directly into your matters.

matter templates

Powerful workflow and automation to simplify your life and boost revenue.

Legal Project Management

Easily create workflows and transition between different phases of a case. There is no reason to ever miss a deadline ever again!

Matter Templates

Create your own parameters for tasks and events and apply them automatically to whichever cases you select.

Automated Billing

Your prebills and invoices can run on schedule. No need to spend days doing billing! Let Rocket Matter do it for you.

Online invoicing and lightning-fast payments.

Streamlined Invoicing

Send your invoices out online via PDF. Clients can pay immediately with credit cards or eChecks.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Set up automated recurring billing, payment plans, and evergreen retainers so your clients have more ways to pay.

No Hassle Collections

Our integrated electronic billing makes it easy to collect payments from your clients. Get paid the same day!

rocket matter payments payment plan
law office payment processing rocket matter pay

Rocket Matter Pay: Rapid, secure and easy-to-use payments solution

Full payment integration

Accept and manage your payments in the same place you manage your invoices. Don’t waste time clicking in multiple systems.

Get Paid Faster

Some payment processors hold your funding for days before it’s released to your account. With Rocket Matter pay, your account gets funded in as little as 12 hours!

No-Hassle Payment Plans and Recurring Billing

Save time and maximize cash flow with automated payment plans and recurring billing. No more manual payment collection or setting up plans in other systems and trying to reconcile.