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Simplifying the lives of lawyers with easy-to-use legal practice management software

Rocket Matter’s legal practice management software is designed for busy legal professionals. From matter management to legal billing to reporting and analytics, Rocket Matter gives law firms all the tools they need to run a more efficient, profitable practice.

Attorneys Don’t Need More Work To Do

Practicing law is hard enough without spending half of your day on administrative tasks—and yet that’s exactly what many attorneys find themselves doing.

Enter Rocket Matter: a legal practice management solution designed to help law firms run more profitably, without all the busy work and administrative hassle.

Get More Done With Rocket Matter’s Legal Practice Management Tools

Rocket Matter helps law practices

  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Build better relationships with clients
  • Streamline time tracking and invoicing
  • Improve realizations rates with easy, compliant online payment options
  • Stay on top of trust accounting
  • Effortlessly manage and share secure documents
  • Boost profitability with business intelligence insights


See the difference for yourself—book a free demo today or try us for free.

Trusted by Law Firms for Over 12 Years

“I cannot tell you how much easier my life is since our firm has switched.”

“With Rocket Matter, my timekeeping woes are a thing of the past as I can enter time in my phone right from the courthouse. Billing only takes two minutes instead of the whole day, and bills are ready to be emailed or mailed to clients at a moment’s notice. Clients really like the detailed, itemized statements Rocket Matter produces, and the staff is always responsive and ready to help.”

McKenna Cox

Herndon, Coleman, Brading and McKee

“I handle a wide range of cases, and I like that Rocket Matter is set up to handle all of the billing options I use.”

“Starting my own firm I knew that I wanted something that would streamline my practice. Rocket Matter filled those needs, plus some. It helps makes my invoicing process more efficient and accurate. The trust accounting features allow me to stay on top of my trust account and know which files I need to replenish. And my clients enjoy the client portal nearly as much as I do. I can’t imagine running my firm without Rocket Matter by my side.”

Jodi Martin

Martin Law Office, LLC

“I give a resounding 5-star rating to the service team. Rocket Matter support can’t be beat!”

“When I hit a road block, the team there gets it “fixed” while I’m on the phone, within minutes. They always work with you on your level and can explain things in ways that anyone can understand.”

Barbara Rheney

Christophillis & Gallivan, P.A.

Rocket Matter’s Law Practice Management Features

Legal case management

Better matter management is a breeze with Rocket Matter. Use matter templates and dashboards to stay on top of your cases. Keep your matters organized with customizable tags and access vital case information securely from anywhere.

Legal Case Management Software That Helps Organize and Streamline Your Firm
Stay On Track with Tasks

Calendars and tasks

Streamline law firm operations and avoid missed deadlines with firm-wide and matter-specific calendars. Easily create, track, update, and assign new tasks to others in only a few clicks and automatically prioritize tasks on your to-do list.

Time and expense tracking

Capture every billable minute with timers that record in real-time—even directly from your inbox. Time and expense entries can be made from anywhere, even on mobile devices, so you don’t need to wait until you get back to the office.

Law Firm Time Tracking Software That Helps You Track Billable Hours
Legal Billing Software That Helps You Save Time and Money

Law firm billing

Get your bills out on time in less time. Schedule automatic paperless prebills and process your monthly invoices by batch to save time. Automate invoicing for recurring billing and payment plans. Optimize LEDES billing and avoid invoice rejection with intelligent invoice analysis.

Online payment processing

Boost collections rates and get paid faster with online payments. Rocket Matter Pay allows your law practice to effortlessly process online credit card payments—without the risk of trust account compliance violations.

Payment Plans
Powerful Legal and Trust Accounting Software

Legal trust accounting

Trust accounting errors can put your entire practice in jeopardy. Rocket Matter’s legal-specific trust accounting capabilities allow your firm to easily manage trust account payments and keep your accounts reconciled—without the fear of trust account compliance violations.

Contact management

Keep your contacts, clients, and relationships organized with Rocket Matter’s powerful client management tools. Sort contacts with custom fields and tags, view all of a contact’s matter-related information at a glance, and run comprehensive conflict checks to avoid conflicts of interest.

Stay Organized with Rocket Matter's Robust Legal Contact Management Software
Digitize Your Documents

Document automation

Go paperless with streamlined digital document management. Easily digitize and upload documents, then access them from any device. Your firm will also save time on document preparation with powerful document assembly features, including customizable templates and automatically populated fields that store client information within Rocket Matter.

Reporting and analytics

Rocket Matter helps law firms make informed, data-driven decisions. Gain actionable insights into your firm’s productivity, revenue, collections, budgeting, and more with a wide range of customizable reports. Or take advanced reporting to the next level with Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence Module.

Advanced Billing Capabilities

Stay connected from anywhere

Our cloud-based solution with native mobile apps ensures that your data stays accessible—even when you’re traveling or working on the go.

Seamless Integrations with Your Other Software Tools

Our goal is to make things easier for lawyers—that’s why we offer integrations with the other legal software solutions you rely on to do your work. Seamlessly sync with your email, your document management tools, your CRM, and more to save time and reduce double data entry.

Ready for lift-off?

If you’re looking to take your law firm to new heights, Rocket Matter’s legal practice management software can help. Sign up today for a personalized demo with one of our Rocket Matter experts—or follow the link below to try us free for fifteen days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my firm need a law practice management software?

From tracking billable hours to invoicing and accounting, many law firms still use tedious manual processes to manage daily administrative tasks or rely on a patchwork of separate software to handle the different parts of their legal workflows.

Lawyers need to find more time in the day (without inventing a time machine)

The problem? Both approaches are inefficient, time-consuming, and a hassle for your attorneys, paralegals, and staff. Having a single, fully integrated practice management tool allows you to manage every facet of your law firm’s operations quickly and easily from within a single software tab.

It also ensures that all of your data is stored in the same place, so you can avoid errors from double data entry and ensure every member of your team stays on the same page.

What are the benefits of using a practice management software for my legal practice?

When properly implemented, the right practice management software can help your firm:

  • Track time more accurately
  • Prepare and send invoices in less time
  • Stay on top of high-priority deadlines with firm-wide and matter-specific calendars
  • Keep your contacts and documents organized and accessible from anywhere (while still keeping your firm’s data secure)
  • Manage legal matters and cases with customizable workflow tools
  • Process credit card payments online without the risk of trust account compliance violations
  • Keep client trust accounts replenished and reconcile accounts while ensuring Bar compliance
  • Make more informed business decisions with in-depth reports and analytics dashboards
  • And more

Best of all, it will allow you to do this all from within a single tab—and integrate with the other software tools you use every day.

What are the benefits of a legal-specific software tool?

There are dozens of generic, “industry-agnostic” practice management tools on the market, but these software programs aren’t designed for legal-specific workflows and regulations. In fact, Rocket Matter was first created back in 2006 to address the lack of software support designed specifically for lawyers.

Make legal-specific software a priority for your law firm

If your firm is using a generic practice management software, you’ll end up spending valuable time and resources trying to customize generic workflows and processes to the specific needs of your legal practice. A legal-specific practice management software will be built from the ground up to meet the unique demands of legal work.

That means you’ll get access to a whole host of important industry-specific features, including:

  • Fast and thorough conflict of interest checks
  • Court rules calendaring functionalities to help you avoid missing key deadlines
  • Statute of limitations calculators
  • Legal trust accounting tools
  • LEDES billing features to help you avoid invoice rejection

Making compliance a priority for your law firm

Most importantly, the right legal software will feature key compliance protections to help your legal practice remain compliant with ABA and state bar rules.

For example, a legal practice management software can allow you to process online credit card payments while preventing the commingling of funds when withdrawing or depositing funds into a client’s trust account. It will also help your firm stay compliant when managing trust accounts and reconciling bank statements.

What’s the difference between cloud-based and on-premises software?

When choosing a law practice management software, law firms have two basic options: they can opt for an on-premises software, which is stored locally on your office hardware, or a cloud-based software, which will store your firm’s data in the cloud to keep it accessible from any location.

On-premise software

Traditionally, many law firms have favored on-site practice management software because it’s been seen as more secure and less vulnerable to attacks by hackers. However, an on-site software will only be accessible from the office and puts your firm at risk of data loss if you experience a hardware failure or have to close the software unexpectedly.

Cloud-based software

By contrast, a cloud-based software solution will automatically back up your data in the cloud and can be accessed from any device, including mobile phones, allowing your attorneys and staff to coordinate on matters from a distance. You’ll also be able to track time and expenses while traveling or working from home, facilitating more accurate time-keeping and billing.


And while on-premises software may have been more secure in the past, today’s cloud-based practice management systems come with high levels of data security to help keep your firm’s confidential client and case information safe.

How can Rocket Matter help my firm manage legal matters?

Rocket Matter’s law practice management software is designed to do just that—help you manage your practice more effectively.

We offer a whole suite of legal case management tools to help you organize matters, stay on top of deadlines, and free up more time for providing better client service. Firms using Rocket Matter enjoy access to powerful law firm management features, including:

  • Firm-wide and case-specific calendars to help you keep track of important deadlines and appointments
  • Comprehensive matter management resources:
    • Customizable matter templates to suit your firm’s unique workflows
    • Matter dashboards and milestones to help you track the progress of a matter
    • Easier matter organization with customizable fields and matter tags
    • Organized contact entries that let you view a client’s matter details at a glance
    • Matter budgeting tools to help your firm stay profitable and facilitate fixed fee arrangements
  • Kanban boards that allow you to view the status of all your ongoing legal matters
  • Comprehensive conflict of interest searches

All of these features help your team manage processes more efficiently, so you can spend less time on organizational tasks and more time serving your clients.

How can my law firm implement better time tracking and billing?

An attorney’s hours are their most precious resource—and the right legal practice management software can help optimize every minute of them (and make sure they’re actually billed).

If your attorneys are still recording their hours by hand at the end of the day, they’re almost certainly losing track of some of their billable work (and wasting valuable minutes piecing together and logging time entries).

Bill-As-You-Work to the rescue

With Rocket Matter’s Bill-As-You-Work™ Technology in place, your timekeepers can effortlessly track their hours (and their expenses) from anywhere in the software as they do their work. You can even set multiple timers at once, so you can move seamlessly between different tasks without missing a beat—or track time directly from Microsoft Outlook while using your email.

Batch billing, paperless prebilling, automated invoices, and all kinds of other goodies

And when it comes time to bill for those hours, Rocket Matter makes it a breeze to prepare and send your invoices. Using our powerful batch billing features, law firms can prepare all of their monthly invoices at once and make adjustments from our paperless prebill screen. You can also schedule automated invoices for recurring payments, to be sent out at a set time every month.

Should my law firm process online credit card payments?

In a word, yes!

Accepting online payments makes the billing process more convenient for clients and helps your firm collect on invoices more quickly and consistently. And with Rocket Matter Pay, your firm can easily process credit card payments without the risk of processing fees causing trust account compliance violations. You can even store credit cards for automated payments each month.

Why should my firm invest in document automation tools?

There’s no way around it—law firms handle a lot of documents, and preparing legal documents manually takes a lot of time.

The document automation tools included in a law practice management software allow you to generate common legal documents from customizable templates, then automatically populate fields with information pulled from your central database. You’ll save hours upon hours of time spent tediously preparing forms and reduce the risk of errors caused by manual data entry.

Rocket Matter’s document management tools can also help you keep legal files organized and accessible. By making it easy to digitize and manage your firm’s documents, Rocket Matter ensures that your team will be able to find the files they need quickly from anywhere—even if they’re doing their work from home or while traveling.

As an added bonus, your legal practice will also get access to secure file-sharing features and one-click e-signatures, which can be sent directly to clients with no need for a client portal.

Can Rocket Matter help my firm become more profitable?

Yes! It’s what our practice management software was designed for (that, and making your job a whole lot easier).

In addition to boosting efficiency and streamlining billing to help you collect payments more quickly and consistently, Rocket Matter comes with a whole suite of in-depth reporting and analytics tools. Using our reporting and analytics features, law firms can gain deep insight into their workflow efficiency, realization rates, revenue, profitability, and more—so they can make informed decisions for the future of their business.

Key performance indicators to support your growth

Our advanced analytics reports allow you to track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to your firm, including:

  • Which team members are bringing in the most cases for your firm
  • How much revenue each of your attorneys is bringing in
  • Whether or not individual matters are staying within their budgets
  • Billing and collections realizations rates
  • User productivity for both attorneys and staff


Our Premier Tier also includes our Business Intelligence Module, designed to provide legal practices with the deepest possible understanding of their finances, productivity, profitability, and more.

How does Rocket Matter help firms manage trust accounting?

Rocket Matter’s legal practice management software includes powerful legal trust accounting functionalities that help you manage client trust accounts while staying compliant.

With Rocket Matter, your law practice can:

  • Create, manage, and transfer funds between multiple trust accounts for a single client
  • Ensure trust accounting compliance even when accepting credit card payments
  • Automatically generate replenishment requests when accounts fall below a certain threshold
  • Reconcile your bank statements to stay in compliance with state trust account reconciliation requirements


And as for the rest of your firm’s accounting? Rocket Matter’s robust QuickBooks Online integration ensures your accounting tools and practice management software stay synced.

What integrations should I look for in a legal practice management software?

If your practice management software doesn’t integrate with your other software tools, you’ll lose time and efficiency by manually copying data between different software systems. There’s also an increased risk of mistakes and data entry errors since you’ll need to input each set of data multiple times.

At the very least, your practice management system should integrate with:

  • Email and scheduling software like Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Document software like Office 365
  • Document sharing tools like Dropbox, Box, and ImagineShare
  • Your accounting software
  • Your client intake or CRM software


At Rocket Matter, we’re all about making attorneys’ lives as easy as possible—that’s why we offer seamless integrations for all of the above and much more. Wondering whether we can integrate with another one of your software tools? Our experienced, U.S.-based software support team will be happy to answer your questions.