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Maintain total control of your cases with our powerful tasks


Keep your to-do list organized and your practice on track with Rocket Matter’s powerful tasks. You can easily create, track, update and assign tasks to others. You can assign due dates and stay on top of them as deadlines approach.

Project management made simple.

Easily view all open tasks across all matters. Check your team members’ workloads to stay on top of your frms’ productivity. You even have the ability to automatically generate a specific set of predetermined tasks for each new matter.

A personalized view of your pending and due tasks are viewable upon logging in on the user dashboard. Our filtering feature allows you set the importance to tasks by dragging and dropping to the desired position on the list. With Rocket Matter, you’ll stay on-track and never miss another to-do.

Capture billable time and access matters from within your tasks.

Have a task you know you will want to bill for later? Run the timer while you work on the task to capture the precise billable time. You can easily assign a matter to the task you are creating. Forget to run the timer? Once you’ve completed the task, you can still manually add in your time and select the option to bill the client for that task.