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The Most Mobile Legal Software for the Mid or Large Sized Law Firm

Partners and associates want mobility. They want to use their iPads, iPhones, and Droids wherever they are, whenever they are. In-house IT wants security & programs that don’t wreak havoc on the network. Back office people want integration with popular accounting tools.

Rocket Matter makes everyone in a law firm happy. It’s the perfect legal software solution for both small and mid-sized firms. Our beautifully designed, intuitive software is going to be a breath of fresh air after using your ancient, brittle client-server application.

And when’s the last time you had top tier customer service with your legal software? You know the kind of treatment you get at a Ritz Carlton? That’s how we do things at Rocket Matter.

Whether you need more mobility, or you’re being forced to upgrade your beloved software to something you don’t want, or you’re tired of the endless complaints or downtime with your current system, you owe it to yourself and your firm to take a look at Rocket Matter.

Contact us today. We’ll assess your current situation, determine a migration strategy, and work with you at every step of the process to make sure you have a smooth transition to the cloud.