Attorneys are asked to do more than ever. The billable hours that you’re spending on actual legal work often aren’t captured or collected. And you and your staff are regularly spending precious hours during the week tackling administrative tasks. Discover how to boost your revenues significantly and collect money automatically with Rocket Matter Payments. We’ll […]

Higher productivity, faster client response, improved mobility and access, savings from reduced storage space and printing costs, increased security of documents and files…The benefits of a paperless office are many. Yet surveys show that the legal profession is one of the most resistant to a paper-free or less-paper environment. Now is a good time to […]

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones along with a wide array of cloud services and applications have changed the way we work and elevated us to new levels of productivity and mobility. Being mobile is critically important for today’s legal professional. With all of this comes a new set of challenges in keeping your device and data […]

SEO plays a crucial role in driving website traffic, and social media, in turn, plays a key part in boosting SEO. While most law firms consider SEO and social media to be two distinct marketing efforts, the reality is that in order to be truly successful, those efforts must be integrated to develop a cohesive […]

Here’s the slide deck from John E. Grant’s excellent presentation on using the Kanban system to improve project management and drive process improvement in your law practice. See webinar description here. Using kanban to become a more agile attorney from Rocket Matter, LLC The webinar recording is in post-production and will be up on Rocket […]

Over one million net neutrality comments have been filed with the Federal Communications Commission on the proposal that would allow cable companies to charge content providers extra fees to deliver faster service. This webinar will begin by framing the history of the net neutrality debate. It will then explore the current proposed rules and the […]

Learn how law firms can more effectively engage with prospective clients through the use of intelligently designed landing pages. When: Thursday, June 5, 2014 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM EDT Speakers: Mike Miceli & Tim Baran, Rocket Matter Click here to register! A dedicated landing page is not just any page on a website. It […]

Google+ influences search, allowing lawyers who use the platform to stand out in search engine results. Google+ also helps Google verify online profiles, enhancing the author’s reputation. As a result, many lawyers are active on Google+, with new lawyers joining every day, connecting with other lawyers and significantly increasing their circle of potential influence. When: […]

As an attorney, you have endless responsibilities and obligations, difficult cases and challenging clients. In the midst of all this, it is easy to forget that you are only human; and while you may possess many intellectual super powers; your emotions, your physical being, and your social life can get overwhelmed and depleted. Taking care […]