Lawyers are Jumping with Joy at Rocket Matter's Completely Customizable Invoices

For law firms, often the only point of contact with clients is in the form of invoices. It sounds a bit odd, but you can think of it a bit like this:

“How’s it going? You owe me money!”

Therefore, it’s important that law firms communicate effectively with their invoicing. They should be able to compose them however the want. For the past three years, the extent of our invoice customization involved branding, but no longer.

Know how to use Word? Then you can design a killer invoice.

Basically, we’ve enabled law firms to design an invoice using Word however they see fit. They can design it to work with Avery® windowed envelopes, add custom firm information or really, anything. They design the invoice as they see fit, and insert our predefined billing fields to pull in their invoice information.

The bottom line is law firm invoices are no longer limited and dictated by us. Our customers can now do whatever they want.