Mar 14, 2017
Rocket Matter Office 365

Today is a triumphant one for the product team here at Rocket Matter, and it’s an even bigger win for our customers.

Our latest deployment is chock-full of highly requested and much anticipated features.  In fact, there’s so much awesomeness baked into our Office 365 release that legal practice management consultants across America are fainting!

It’s just like when The Beatles arrived.  In fact, watch our video from our recent appearance on the Ed Sullivan show:


For starters, as the name of the release might suggest, we’ve rolled out an incredible Office 365 Integration.  Increasingly more lawyers rely Office 365 for email, calendaring, and document production and on Rocket Matter to get the bills out and track matters, so it was a natural fit.

With our new Office 365 Integration, you can leverage two-way calendar and contact sync, upload your emails, and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents directly to Rocket Matter’s document storage.

And since you’re going to be saving the same document over and over again to Rocket Matter, we’ve improved our document storage with versioning.

You can read more about our Office 365 Release here.

We’re also building on our efforts to make life easy for law firms when it comes to collections.

Earlier this year, we rolled out Atlas 2.0, enabling law firms to schedule automatic recurring payments and payment plans.  Now we’re releasing Interests and Discounts, which allows firms to reward for early payment and penalize when checks come in late.

Finally, we’re happy to announce a robust, new Conflict Check. Type in a term and search across matters, contacts, custom fields, and even the full text of your billable activities.