Ep 44: How to Automate Your Law Firm with Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Did you know that 69% of attorneys spend too much time on administrative tasks? On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, hosts Lisa Pansini and Nefra MacDonald talk about the specific ways attorneys can automate these day-to-day tasks at their firms. You’ll learn how to determine exactly what you can automate, how to get started, and the tools within Rocket Matter  you can use to get the job done.
Make sure to watch the recording of Allison Shields’ webinar: Put Your Firm on Autopilot: Using Systems, Automation, Templates and Checklists.
To see firsthand how Rocket Matter can help you automate different areas of your law firm, register for this week’s webinar: How to Automate Your Law Firm with Rocket Matter. You can register here for FREE! Whether you currently use Rocket Matter or are interested in a new legal practice management solution, you won’t want to miss this!